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of or relating to the science of acoustics


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Sound Seal, a portfolio company of The Stephens Group, LLC, is manufacturer of acoustical noise control solutions, offering engineered products that include soundproof doors and windows, noise curtains and barriers, fabric wrapped wall panels, enclosures, specialised floor underlayments and a line of WoodTrends wall and ceiling panels.
With these boards witnessing a lot of demand owing to a burgeoning construction industry, a distinct acoustical fiber board market exists, from a global perspective.
Keywords: autism, contingent acoustical feedback, toe walking
Acoustical wall panels also reduced reverberation in a 495-seat auditorium used for lecture classes at Marquette University in Milwaukee.
There are a wide variety of acoustical performance standards and guidelines based on both empirical work completed by acoustic engineers and architects since the 1950's, and specific funded research projects.
One key advantage is the nondependency of acoustical performance on one's ear canals.
"I am very excited to lead this combined, global organization,"says Deakin."Lydall Thermal/Acoustical Solutions will have the unique capability of providing a broad suite of highly engineered thermal and acoustical products to better serve our customers.
Agawam, Mass.-based Sound Seal, a leader in acoustical and noise control products for industrial, architectural, commercial and construction markets, has acquired Connecticut-based Proudfoot Co., a pioneer in sound-absorbing concrete masonry.
Sadly, there also are speaker companies that don't publish performance data or that sell acoustical devices that actually do more harm than good.
Auralex Acoustics is now shipping its updated ProMAX v2 Stand-Mounted Acoustical Panels.
Acoustical products can help keep the peace and support a more healing environment.
It is also important to plan ahead during layout changes in order to ensure acoustical trouble spots are not incorporated and to find strategies to minimize any issues that could arise.
Moorehead, MN, August 28, 2015 --( When an outdated university library was in need of a face-lift, Architectural Surfaces, Inc., a leading manufacturer of high-end custom acoustical wall and ceiling systems, was called upon to provide their expertise.
Statistics like those are loud and clear: If you have acoustical issues, you want to remedy them.
To leverage its unmatched history of acoustical experience with performing arts facilities worldwide and to accelerate new product innovation, Wenger Corporation announces a new organizational focus designed to provide customers with leading-edge acoustical solutions.