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Synonyms for acoustic

a remedy for hearing loss or deafness

of or relating to the science of acoustics


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When the transducer is placed between two spinous processes with the alignment of the transducer, visualisation of the spinal canal is possible through an acoustic window. The spinal canal is seen as bounded by two hyperechoic parallel lines.
Transoesophageal echocardiography has the benefit of not being limited by acoustic windows [6].
Although the heart was seen in all animals, the thyroid was not observed in all, perhaps as a result of the different conformations of the carapace among individuals, which limited the acoustic window.
To Cranford's surprise, sound seemed to be traveling under the jaw, not through the acoustic window. The sound waves then went through the throat, and passed through a hole in the back of the jaw to the fat by the ear.
Although the spleen is not normally imaged by TOE, if there is ascitic fluid between the stomach and the spleen, then this fluid can act as an acoustic window and result in clear images of the spleen, as occurred in this case.
Poor acoustic windows and right isomerism were found to be significant factors responsible for the diagnostic error on multivariate analysis.
The small size of the acoustic windows and the confusing number of imaging planes, however, make the tool difficult to learn, and they provide a pocket atlas to help the beginner.
With the acoustic windows fitted, noise levels are mostly generated from the road and tyres but at the upper rev-range the engine can become intrusive, though other sources such as wind resistance are blown away.
Inside, it is very much a 21st century development with high specs on the kitchens and bathrooms, acoustic windows to keep warmth in but noise out, and a ventilation system.
Acoustic windows block higher levels of noise across all frequencies.