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Synonyms for acoustic

a remedy for hearing loss or deafness

of or relating to the science of acoustics


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(B) Transvaginal pelvic ultrasound of the left adnexa shows a diffuse hyperechoic mass with areas of acoustic shadowing (arrowhead).
All masses were hypoechoic (n=12) with nine of them with posterior acoustic shadowing. All patients had masses with irregular shapes.
B-scan USG in the right eye revealed a hyperechoic choroidal lesion causing acoustic shadowing (Figure 3).
On US, the appearance also mimics IDC-NOS, manifesting as a hypoechoic solid mass with ill-defined margins and posterior acoustic shadowing. MRI shows characteristics of a malignant tumor, more commonly an irregular mass with a type 3 enhancement curve (rapid initial rise, followed by a drop-off with time/washout in the delayed phase) [8, 9].
They can appear as cystic echogenic masses with intense acoustic shadowing, homogenous nodules or bands, and rounded protuberances called "Rokitansky nodules."
bright foci without significant distal acoustic shadowing and fatty liver were selected and included in this study.
In ultrasonography, acoustic shadowing distal to calculi (Fig.
Distal acoustic shadowing produced by a highly echogenic mixture of matted hair and sebum, ter-med the tip of the iceberg" sign.
Ultrasound findings include well-circumscribed lesion appearance featuring a waved hyperechoic area with a dense acoustic shadowing.9
Single or multiple hyper-echogenic bands with acoustic shadowing situated in the uterine cavity can be seen on an ultrasound scan.[4] Our patient's uterine cavity had the appearance of an 11 mm echodense endometrium.
Ultrasonic appearance is that of curvilinear bright echogenic bands with posterior acoustic shadowing with no through-transmissions.
Ultrasound examination may also be used, and usually reveals an echogenic focus with posterior acoustic shadowing, but this was not performed as a preliminary examination in our patient.
Ultrasound guidance is of limited value due to acoustic shadowing from the clavicle (2).
They have a variable acoustic shadowing. MRI characteristics of hamartoma include; fat density within the mass with smooth well defined hypo-intense rim and heterogenous contrast enhancement.
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