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Synonyms for acoustic

a remedy for hearing loss or deafness

of or relating to the science of acoustics


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B-scan USG in the right eye revealed a hyperechoic choroidal lesion causing acoustic shadowing (Figure 3).
These renal echogenic foci were bright foci, which were not giving significant distal acoustic shadowing.
In ultrasonography, the hyperechoic structure showing acoustic shadowing below it is confirmation of calculi.
Ultrasound examination may also be used, and usually reveals an echogenic focus with posterior acoustic shadowing, but this was not performed as a preliminary examination in our patient.
Ultrasound guidance is of limited value due to acoustic shadowing from the clavicle (2).
Large side branches, signal dropout behind stent struts and acoustic shadowing due to extensive calcification can cause difficulty in these measurements.
No reverberation, acoustic shadowing, or flow on color or power Doppler imaging was noted.
In some cases, irregular acoustic shadowing directly below the palpable nodule may be the only indication of a pathologic process.
1-3) Sonographic findings include single or multiple cysts, dilated ducts and highly echogenic foci with posterior acoustic shadowing, representing fibrous tissue (Figure 4).
Hyperechogenic image with posterior acoustic shadowing (CASE--2).
5,6) Moreover, the marked acoustic shadowing behind the echogenic band produced by a bezoar differs from the "dirty" shadowing generated by ingested gas and food within the stomach.
US shows marked posterior acoustic shadowing from an irregular, hypo-echoic density.
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