acoustic power

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the physical intensity of sound

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Postprocessed results included a map of acoustic sound pressure field computed at each element node, acoustic time frequency plot, and acoustic power result plot.
It says, the acoustic power of the steam discharge is directly proportional to steam jet density, steam discharge velocity, diameter of the discharge pipe and is inversely proportional to the density of the surrounding medium and sound velocity in the surrounding medium.
Margulis, "Calorimetric method for measurement of acoustic power absorbed in a volume of a liquid," Ultrasonics Sonochemistry, vol.
It is known [18], that intensity which characterizes the directivity of acoustic power and sound pressure are related:
According to ISO 1680/1 standard, which regulates the measurement methods of noise in electric motors, the measuring equipment must be designed such as to measure weighted acoustic power levels, as square mean in octave band (or 1/3 octave averaged over time on measuring surface) [28-36].
ACOUSTIC power pop will take over a corner of Huddersfield at a new record label launch.
There is no coupling between the source and the system, and the in-duct source acoustic power equals its free field value.
Consisting of a textile shrouding for hydraulic unit bell housings, the patented NRS system can reduce the total acoustic power output by up to 50%.
Whenever a closed form expression for the power radiated cannot be found for a particular source of interest, Williams [3] developed a power series expansion of the acoustic power radiating from baffled or unbaffled planar sources in terms of the various moments of the given velocity distribution in the source plane.
Nirvana's Thermo Acoustic Power Stick can be networked into a virtual power plant, decreasing CO2 emissions and lowering capital costs for offering power through conventional grid based systems.
DTS Sound maximizes the acoustic power of Mito Mobile's new smartphones, providing crystal-clear, high-definition audio for watching videos, listening to music, gaming or streaming content.
The company says AUTYL's multi-layer composition enables the new and lightweight damping solution to achieve better acoustic power and outperform to current environmental expectations and standards.
A measure of the acoustic power was associated with each bottom detection and was converted to [S.sub.b] by accounting for system gains and calibration offsets, spherical spreading and absorption in the water column, and area insonified.
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