acoustic power

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the physical intensity of sound

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It says, the acoustic power of the steam discharge is directly proportional to steam jet density, steam discharge velocity, diameter of the discharge pipe and is inversely proportional to the density of the surrounding medium and sound velocity in the surrounding medium.
In this paper an index for prediction of the strength of exterior wind noise, referred to as Exterior Noise Power (ENP) is developed based on an assumption that the acoustic power of exterior wind noise can be approximated by the far field acoustic power radiated from vehicle surface.
The required time phasing and the good thermal contact imply that acoustic power flows into the cold end of the regenerator and is amplified within the regenerator across its thermal gradient, so larger acoustic power flows out of the hot end (9, 10).
The generated (or lost) acoustic power is now simply given by:
It is known [18], that intensity which characterizes the directivity of acoustic power and sound pressure are related:
In this paper, a similar formulation is used but using acoustic power propagating along a duct as the state variables rather than the acoustic pressure, see Figure 2.
Nirvana's Thermo Acoustic Power Stick can be networked into a virtual power plant, decreasing CO2 emissions and lowering capital costs for offering power through conventional grid based systems.
DTS Sound maximizes the acoustic power of Mito Mobile's new smartphones, providing crystal-clear, high-definition audio for watching videos, listening to music, gaming or streaming content.
The company says AUTYL's multi-layer composition enables the new and lightweight damping solution to achieve better acoustic power and outperform to current environmental expectations and standards.
DTS Soundmaximizes the acoustic power of Acer's new smartphones, providing crystal-clear, high-definition audio for watching videos, listening to music, gaming or streaming content on Acer devices.
With the radiators placed in an opposing fashion vibration is eliminated, turning the energy into acoustic power.
lt;/AUBIO> intriguing question is: Can the acoustic power and fidelity of the classic guitar be improved by redesigning the instrument based on the application of the principles of mechanics?
r] is the radiating acoustic power at the surface of the spherical radiator.
It's all terribly clean-cut, and almost too earnest for words, but the Christian acoustic power pop team has a charming earnestness about it, which makes for an engaging listening experience.
based supplier of after-market products, training, depot-level repair and support services, and test equipment to the medical imaging market, has achieved ISO 17025:2005 certification for its Acoustic Power Testing Laboratory.
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