acoustic phenomenon

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a physical phenomenon associated with the production or transmission of sound

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The SHC compressible fluid method is one of the ways that make it possible to use wave propagation method and acoustic phenomenon. Shapiro (1953) considered the derivation and properties of the dynamics and thermodynamics of compressible fluid flow which is along with acoustic theory [14].
Acoustic phenomenon is used in accommodation of very short time and very small body meshing.
Therefore acoustic phenomenon features (despite the high accuracy) are not usually considered by researchers.
Calculation program of VVER-1000 reactor core FT pressure drop by means of SC method and acoustic phenomenon was developed in this investigation.
It didn't take long to realize that India has a rich and varied culture of traffic racket: Car horns, bike and rickshaw bells, motorcycle engines, rattling trucks and bickering drivers create an acoustic phenomenon.
Further--more, noise is not just an acoustic phenomenon, for instance, music composed according to principles of integral serialism may sound as pure noise to a Mozart-lover or jazzenthusiastic.
The singer-songwriter and acoustic phenomenon will play the venue as part of his biggest UK tour to date and will be at the theatre on November 16.
Maciejewski wrote: "My harmonic means are based on the natural acoustic phenomenon of the overtones.