acoustic nerve

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a composite sensory nerve supplying the hair cells of the vestibular organ and the hair cells of the cochlea

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Wave I is produced by the acoustic nerve activity that wave II can reflect the activity of the cochlear nucleus with a contribution from the auditory nerve, that Wave III can be referred to the generators in the superior olivary complex and the lateral leminiscii, that the wave IV-V complex is generated in the axons and/or nuclei of the lateral leminiscii and probably also from inferior colliculi.
Professor Elisabeth Cardis said that "the Interphone study will continue with additional analyses of mobile phone use and tumors of the acoustic nerve and parotid gland." She added:,"Because of concerns about the rapid increase in mobile phone use in young people, who were not covered by Interphone, REAL is coordinating a new project, MobiKids, funded by the European Union, to investigate the risk of brain tumors from mobile phone use in childhood and adolescence."
Ganglionic hamartoma of the intracanalicular acoustic nerve causing sensorineurai hearing loss.
He did and was immediately referred to hospital for an MRI scan which revealed a benign tumour on his acoustic nerve.
"The risk of acoustic neuroma is of particular interest in this context because of the proximity of the acoustic nerve to the handset.
Through to the early 1900s, the adjective "deaf" in common parlance might refer to anything from inattentiveness to a moderate hardness of hearing to complete deafness owing to the destruction of the acoustic nerve. Historians have rarely been completely deaf to soundscapes and soundways, but How Early America Sounded may be best read as a trumpet call and summons to further listening.
The five-hour all-star event in the War Memorial Park coincides with the release of her debut EP, Acoustic Nerve, and is the first of a busy run of gigs in the Midlands and London.
France-based Dr Elisabeth Cardis, who is leading the project, hopes to interview 7,000 brain tumour sufferers, 1,000 acoustic nerve cancer sufferers and 800 people with cancer of the saliva gland.
Damage to the acoustic nerve, which carries sound impulses from the cochlea to the brain, may be the result of a benign tumour on the nerve, an acoustic neuroma.
Shwannoma of acoustic nerve origin are most common variety seen intracranially.
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