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a modem that converts electrical signals to telephone tones and back again

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stated, "Our Acoustic Modem will be a modular design focusing on high data rates, data security, long range operations, and reduced power consumption.
Acoustic modems send digital data underwater using sound energy (normal electromagnetic waves will not penetrate through the water).
Communication to the surface is by a link from an underwater acoustic modem mounted on the PLEM and powered by two lithium battery packs wired in parallel.
Some of the instruments in these ocean-floor monitoring systems can be configured to transmit the acquired data via acoustic modem to the surface, where it can be obtained by a ship, or retransmitted via satellite from a buoy in the middle of the ocean to a laboratory ashore.
7% increase in fiscal year 2005 net sales of the Undersea Systems Division compared to fiscal year 2004 net sales was due to a continuation of strong demand for Benthos geophysical hydrophones used in the oil and gas exploration industry, increased demand for Stingray ROV systems, which are often used in port and harbor security operations, and an increase in Benthos acoustic modem sales to both naval and commercial customers.
Making use of Teledyne s acoustic modems, CDL has been developing complete motion sensing and communication systems for the real-time monitoring of subsea energy infrastructure.
The network utilizes underwater acoustic modems for data transmission.
Benthos has developed a broad range of innovative products, including acoustic modems for networked underwater communication and a novel three-dimensional sidescan sonar system, which are complementary to Teledyne's oceanographic, naval and geophysical exploration instruments.
Specifically, Benthos acoustic modems have been in strong demand due to their increased speed and outstanding transmission reliability, even in difficult marine environments.
The system, developed by the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA) Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory (PMEL) in Seattle, Washington is equipped with acoustic modems developed by Benthos, Inc.
Datasonics is a leading supplier of underwater acoustic products including side scan sonar systems, acoustic relocation devices, and high-speed underwater acoustic modems and data telemetry systems.
Steve has been using the Internet since the days of telephone handsets in acoustic modems.
The underwater sensing networks are defined as the system comprised of sensors and acoustic modems with the vehicles to perform the monitoring tasks over the prescribed area.
The keys to the system are satellite transmitters and acoustic modems.
There are two types of modems that are usually used with a microcomputer system: direct-connect and acoustic modems.
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