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magnifier of the image of small objects

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Impulse acoustic microscopes with operation frequencies of 100 MHz, produced by the Institute of Biochemical Physics, RAS, were employed to study the composite samples mentioned above.
An experienced acoustic microscope user working in a laboratory can employ various techniques and alternate imaging modes to coax a meaningful image out of a difficult sample--for example, one that has multiple layers and therefore weak echoes.
Some newer MLCCs have acquired additional layers in order to increase capacitance without increasing footprint; as a result, the MLCC has become square in end view, and the operator of the acoustic microscope cannot tell which side is up.
Those samples were measured with the scanning acoustic microscope Sonix HS-1000 using a 50 MHz focused lens with an aperture of 12[degrees] (Fig.
Developed and patented by Sonoscan, the method uses an acoustic microscope but does not, at least initially, make any acoustic images.
An acoustic microscope uses an ultrasonic transducer that scans the surface of the bonded wafer pair.
Finished ICs can be tested with an acoustic microscope, or analyzed by cross-sectioning parts using diamond-saw blades and special polishing devices, immediately after curing.
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