acoustic meatus

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either of the passages in the outer ear from the auricle to the tympanic membrane

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Figure 1 illustrates the determination of Frankfurt's horizontal plane by positioning a stainless steel wire from highest point of the external acoustic meatus to the lowest point of the orbit, parallel to the floor.
Sample collection was done with a sterile swab moistened in saline solution, which was then rubbed on the external acoustic meatus area.
Narrowing of the internal and external acoustic meatus (sensorineural loss) and sclerosis of the skull may occur.
All necropsied birds had hemopericardium due to RAR at the point of the junction with the vena cava, and 85% of them had blood in the oral cavity and external acoustic meatus.
At end stage, external acoustic meatus become completely obstructed with proliferative granulation tissue.
2) with internal auditory acoustic meatus of 8mm and 1cm x 0.
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