acoustic impedance

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opposition to the flow of sound through a surface

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Acoustic impedance is the product of these two numbers, expressed in MegaRayls.
Dynamic focusing allows one to increase the sensitivity of a microscope to variations of the acoustic impedance and to get a high elevational resolution.
In this research work, the adopted methodology is based upon the combination of seismic attributes, acoustic impedance, processed logs and artificial neural network training (Basu and Verma, 2013).
The following tests were performed during a non-infectious period: pure-tone audiometry, acoustic impedance, otoacoustic emission, and brainstem audiometry.
Thus, in a single measurement, at each point in the surface of the analysed specimen the propagation velocities, the thickness and the acoustic impedance can be obtained with high accuracy, allowing us to calculate additional parameters related to the mechanical properties of materials such as the density.
Considering the shortcomings of the existing calibration equipment, a task to create a portable AET calibration equipment of a new type, with a greater measurement performance and allowing the evaluation of AET characteristics using different wave types and waveguides with different acoustic impedances, was formulated.
1]; r is the shortest distance from the point r = (x, y, z) on the boundary to the source, m; Z, is acoustic impedance, Pa s/m; n is normal vector, which is the natural direction for waveguides.
Moreover, the paper detailed how to measure acoustic impedance if the geometry is difficult to model and directed readers to the appropriate measurement standards.
The measurements made by using this technique permit knowing the pipe's input acoustic impedance, as well as its length and the possible identification of leaks or obstructions in it.
Acoustic impedance, dominant frequency, amplitude weighted phase and instantaneous phase attributes are used as optimal attributes for the estimation of hydraulic flow units.
1994) report a model experiment conducted by Seinov and Chevkin (1968) in which they simulated joints and filled fissures by using three glass plates (6 x 30 x 30 mm) separated by materials with different acoustic impedance and width.
To design these small com nesses for the four matching layers in the transducer design (in the multiphysics model) and the acoustic impedance, which was transferred to the Young's modulus and Poisson coefficient.
Acoustic Impedance and Admittance- The Measurement of Middle Ear Function.