acoustic impedance

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opposition to the flow of sound through a surface

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It is here noted that the amount of seismic energy transmitted or refracted in the earth is influenced by the acoustic impedance contrast between the lithologic bed boundary.
The acoustic impedance (Bhardwaj 2002) of air (415 Rayl) is significantly smaller than of solid media such as wood (1.
First we must know what the acoustic impedance changes are.
In doing so, the acoustics of the intake should not have changed significantly since the gas valve has a small effect on the acoustic impedance.
Porosity, permeability, shale volume, P-wave velocities and acoustic impedance were estimated first in the well using the borehole logs gamma ray, sp, sonic, neutron-density, resistivity and caliper.
flame) can be established by measuring or calculating the acoustic impedance at the location of the flame.
Through ultrasound's ability to detect variations in acoustic impedance it is able to separate the lipid microemboli from the blood.
It can be incorporated into a surface mounted AE sensor (5), where the electroactive composite is adhered to a backing material of the same acoustic impedance and electrical contacts are made to both faces, or be embedded into a fiber reinforced epoxy laminate structure (6).
ETL solves a myriad of problems in speaker design by using acoustic impedance matching techniques that allows full and natural integration of the speaker sound with room acoustics.
The Chung and Blaser transfer function method is the primary technique used today for directly measuring acoustic impedance.
By introducing a ferroelectric ceramic in a polar or nonpolar Polymer matrix, the compliance of the composite, compared to the ceramic alone, increases and thus the acoustic impedance decreases to a value which depends on the ceramic loading.
The evolution of QI began with 'bright spots', and has advanced through many stages including acoustic impedance inversion, AVO, neural networks, and stochastic inversion.
A local reacting material is modeled by its complex acoustic impedance, which can be measured using ASTM Standard E1050 (ASTM 1998).
iMOSS is a technology solution designed to provide advanced well-driven rock-physics and seismic modeling tools to aid in the interpretation of seismic attributes such as acoustic impedance and AVO.