acoustic impedance

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opposition to the flow of sound through a surface

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'Post-stack inversion provides only acoustic impedance, while pre-stack inversion provides us with acoustic impedance, shear impedance and density, and other quantitative inversion attributes.
If the acoustic impedance of the incident and transmitted bars is too high, then very little energy (and deformation) is transferred to the sample.
The rigorous name of the quantity is "normal specific acoustic impedance".
The velocity of the piezoelectric materials is used to find the acoustic impedance of the materials, which is obtained by multiplying the density by the velocity, as described by Dowsett et al.
Figure 5 depicts the variation of acoustic impedance with concentration.
Acoustic impedance is the product of these two numbers, expressed in MegaRayls.
Dynamic focusing allows one to increase the sensitivity of a microscope to variations of the acoustic impedance and to get a high elevational resolution.
Methods: Pure-tone audiometry, acoustic impedance, otoacoustic emission, and brainstem audiometric measurements were taken during a non-infectious period in 28 patients with SIGAD and 28 healthy children with normal otoscopic examination.
designed and fabricated air-based 1-3 piezoelectric composite transducers in order to solve the acoustic impedance matching problem.
Liu and Maury [15] introduced the Acoustic Radiation Mode (ARM) and rewrote the sound pressure at each element of the observation surface as the acoustic impedance matrix multiplied by the normal velocity vector in the frequency domain.
Moreover, the surface acoustic impedance [Z.sub.s], the characteristic impedance [Z.sub.c], and the complex wave number k can be calculated, respectively, as follows [19]:
In a tube with a varying cross section as is shown in Figure 4(a), due to the change of the acoustic impedance, some acoustic waves will reflect at the variational interface and others will transmit through.
used a quantitative ultrasound spectroscopy method and the reflection amplitude method to measure the acoustic impedance of the canine cornea at a fixed intraocular pressure and found that the acoustic impedance has a linear relationship with the elastic modulus of the cornea, which increased nonlinearly with stress [25-27].