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Synonyms for acoustic

a remedy for hearing loss or deafness

of or relating to the science of acoustics


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Kirkegaard Associates, Chicago (acoustical consultants), specified the overall dimensions and general materials of the shell, worked with the Hult Center on the selection of the acoustic enhancement system, worked with Acoustic Control Systems of the Netherlands on the design of the acoustic enhancement system.
It was determined to be a cystic lesion because of the acoustic enhancement in its posterior.
Refined passive speaker technology, acoustic enhancements, and recyclable materials perfect for sound quality make them a music lover's best value.
In the remodeling process, workers had to rake the 284 seats steeply to make room for a small lobby below, but there was no money for acoustic enhancements of any kind.
In addition, Richard Bird, president of Rives Audio, an award-winning acoustical design specialist, will lead a seminar on acoustic enhancements, revealing the best ways to optimize a listening environment, and Dr.