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Synonyms for acoustic

a remedy for hearing loss or deafness

of or relating to the science of acoustics


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IMAGE ANALYSIS: All 100 focal liver lesions were evaluated for lesion conspicuity, artifact elimination, posterior acoustic enhancement, presence of internal echoes and finally for overall image quality.
Acoustic enhancement and stability under ultrasonic conditions were both measured in vitro to determine microbubble performance.
Soprano Soile Isokoski is as strong a presence on disc as she was in the concert hall, David Wilson-Johnson is a fulsome Pater Ecstaticus, John Villars' ardent Doctor Marianus seems to receive some sudden acoustic enhancement midway through his big solo, and, forJuliane Banse's radiant appearance as Mater Gloriosa, precariously perched on the edge of the highest acoustic chamber, we at last get a sense of aural space.
If you've ever heard the ref's call at a football game, you know about acoustic enhancement.
Pleomorphic adenomas on US are typically rounded, well circumscribed, and hypoechoic with associated distal acoustic enhancement.
The music and drama auditorium has a conventional stage and is partly lined with timber for acoustic enhancement, but this also brings an honorific quality to the principal performance space.
Tumors containing more fibrous components appear similar to fibroadenomas -- isoechoic to hypoechoic (medium to dark gray) heterogeneous masses that may produce either posterior acoustic shadow or posterior acoustic enhancement.