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shaped like an acorn

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Despite the fact that I procured a bullet mold that cast the proper acorn-shaped bullets, fabricating a working sabot for it was another matter.
The front is aligned on the foot of the staircase that rises from the hall in short flights round an open well, which is a typical mid-17th century arrangement, with turned balusters, square newels with big acorn-shaped finials.
Witnesses reported seeing a metal acorn-shaped spacecraft in a nearby forest after the landing.
VillageMaster luminaires from Metrolux feature a detailed acorn-shaped metal housing that provides outdoor settings with evenly distributed, glare-free, high-efficiency illumination.
50; the acorn-shaped oak cane protectors that guard your eyes from sharp plant stakes, pounds 10.
Members of the first group, with their acorn-shaped shells, are commonly known as acorn barnacles.
The membranes outlining the acorn-shaped sperm head, acrosomal vesicle, short acrosomal filament within the vesicle, and the sperm tail also showed very weak yellowish-orange fluorescence [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 1 OMITTED].
Maintenance of street lamps has emerged as a heated issue, however, with residents in Sherman Oaks forcing the city to back away from plans to replace 1920s-era, acorn-shaped lamps with modern ones.
The catheter's unique acorn-shaped stopper keeps the fluid inside the uterus and prevents it from draining, allowing superior uterine imaging during the procedure.
Nonastringent varieties are shaped like round, squashed tomatoes, smaller than acorn-shaped persimmons, but with the same sweet taste.
This time, instead of burning them into the bead, she lets the dots stay whole, making a little acorn-shaped cap on the end of the bead.
The acorn-shaped Hachiya are very soft when ripe, and the skin becomes almost translucent.
The largest are the spire- and acorn-shaped Fence caps ($30), designed to fit over rough-sawn 4-by-4s used in perimeter fencing.