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fruit of the oak tree: a smooth thin-walled nut in a woody cup-shaped base

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We found nests of Acorn Woodpeckers with young before fledging from mid June to late July at La Primavera Forest.
To roast them, place the dry acorn meal on a metal cookie sheet in the oven at 175 degrees and stir them often until they are brown and your kitchen smells like yummy forest goodness.
Bruce Norman, a board director for the California Mortgage Bankers Association based in Sacramento, views the ACORN report in a positive light.
The bur oak is still holding onto most of its leaves, but all the acorns have fallen.
ACORN (Association of Community Orgnaizers for Reform Now) sees the case strictly as an example of a landlord suppressing tenants' rights to organize.
When they raid, they kill adults, eat much of the brood, and take over the victim's acorn.
The ACORN rep asked Hurd to present the issue at the next meeting where, much to Hurd's surprise, she was asked to be chairperson.
But many Little Rock business leaders believe ACORN has an automatic reflex that says "no" to anything that doesn't fit its agenda.
He brings to Acorn noteworthy skills in helping clients rethink their costing processes and discover their true cost of operations from levels that vary from patient to physician to reimbursement.
with new fans continuing to discover the series on Acorn TV, public television, and on DVD.
Hunters who spent the time and resources to establish food plots can be even more frustrated during years when there is a huge acorn crop, as most deer will ignore forage crops when fresh acorns are available.
Karl Dowd, Nashua, New Hampshire, served on the ACA national board and was a member of the Acorn Society.
I would interpret that literally, however, the forester in me says that a large bur oak acorn may stretch itself out to maybe two inches across and maybe weigh up to a half-ounce.
Bronx ACORN, a community activist group, may be both, but that depends on who you ask.
This did indeed kill the worms, but they died inside the acorn, frequently getting stuck in wormholes in the shell.