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fruit of the oak tree: a smooth thin-walled nut in a woody cup-shaped base

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Despite the admission, ACORN has filed suit in Baltimore against O'Keefe and Giles, claiming the pair violated Maryland law by secretly videotaping its employees.
Blue Acorn iCi's presence spans across the United States.
Synaco works with a wide number of industries, filling both blue and whitecollar roles with Australian recruits, while also continuing to work with businesses to attract and recruit staff from overseas via Acorn in the UK and its wider global operations.
The title was awarded by Natural Resources Wales (NRW), which will use the acorns to grow more Welsh oaks.
FIFTY years has passed since John Lennon and Yoko Ono came to Coventry Cathedral to plant two acorns for a living art sculpture.
Over the past two weeks our fun, interactive games should have helped your children get to know the basics of how to budget and earn acorns - a behaviour that will be key to managing money in the future.
Ubiquitous and globally there has been estimated by different authorities at anything from 300 (Elias 1971) to 600 (Soepadmo 1972) species of oak trees and all produce acorns and all are edible.
The company said the partnership will infuse Blue Acorn with new resources to accelerate the growth and innovation of its technology and services for brands and retailers.
First of all, if an acorn has fallen from a tree but is still attached to its cap, that acorn is probably infested with an acorn weevil.
Since then, Milton Acorn has faded somewhat from the national poetic consciousness, something this book aims to remedy, with excellent results.
White oak acorn production can vary significantly from year to year.
Acorns are not often harvested and used for food, even though oak trees grow across the United States.
I then realised that it was an acorn. His owner commented that Splodge had been eating acorns with some relish recently!
After 38 years of longevity (1970 to 2008), including huge growth over its last decade, in 2008 and 2009 the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) was rocked by an embezzlement scandal and two controversies and declined precipitously.