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any of various usually poisonous plants of the genus Aconitum having tuberous roots and palmately lobed leaves and blue or white flowers

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The statement had also mentioned that the Field Marshal had taken his life by ingesting Aconite, which he had hidden in a belt around his leg or belly as he faced possible charges along with other officers.
The winter aconite sports lemon-yellow flowers above collars of dark green foliage, naturalizes well and is deer-proof.
valuation at which a subsequent investment in Aconite was made in July 2008 by
Aconite in post-operative pain and agitation in children.
Investec Private Bank South Africa, a division of the Investec group, has appointed Aconite as part of its card payment offering.
It takes three years for the aconite to produce a flower, but thereafter it flowers and spreads reliably year after year.
Resulting from this extended partnership, Thales and Aconite will jointly present their vision for the secure issuance of NFC applications on mobile phones at Cartes in North America 2012.
The worldwide mobile marketing, loyalty and payments firm, Proxama, has announced that it is buying Aconite Technology Ltd.
Anemones also look great planted among the yellow blooms of the winter aconite and the propeller-shaped flowers of Cyclamen coum.
Evolve has subscribed for A[pounds sterling]500,000 of new ordinary shares in Aconite as part of
A FOR shock, try the homeopathic remedy aconite, two 30c tablets every hour for six doses then one tablet twice daily until you feel more settled.
Aconite, Belladonna and Glononine are acute remedies with a short duration of action, and in a chronic condition such as essential hypertension, will have to be repeated indefinitely, with no hope of cure unless followed by constitutional treatments.
According to the high court ruling, Yagi conspired with the three women to kill a 45-year-old man in June 1995 by poisoning him with aconite in a sweet-bean-paste bun they gave him to eat.
This bulb flowers in January and is commonly called the winter aconite.
Other apparently common "medications" included tincture of aconite (which is a poisonous plant), charcoal, creosote, ginger, and such items as "chloral hydrate" and "sub-nitrate of bismuth" (These to be administered in one quart of black coffee as a cure for vomiting).