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Synonyms for acned

(of complexion) blemished by imperfections of the skin

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Gabriel's first wish is to be handsome, to see his face transfigured, the man set free of the acned boy.
The metal miniatures were pioneered by Games Workshop and, at their height, their stores were full of acned yoof playing the tabletop version of this.
50) Acned teenagers should give this a wide berth as it's not the answer to your problems -especially if you leave the bathroom wearing it.
You can imagine how it would feel - what it felt like - to stand that way, to make that face, to lie alone in a hotel room, to wear your hormones on your sleeve like a raw, acned teenager.
Stuck in its teens and acned, satiric works only require a sustained tone and none of satire's rigorous argument by implication and irony.
Pondering the succession of acned, anaemic, sallow youths who have served me Big Macs, I shrugged and admitted: "In hindsight, perhaps they do.
So give the mumbling, acned, surly youth of today a break.