acne rosacea

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a skin disease of adults (more often women) in which blood vessels of the face enlarge resulting in a flushed appearance


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The majority of subjects showed reductions in erythema, papules, burning, stinging, and dryness, all of which are signs and symptoms associated with acne rosacea.
A FIRST, see your GP who can confirm the diagnosis but it sounds as if you have the skin complaint acne rosacea.
A recent study examining the therapeutic effects of topical vitamin C on patients with acne rosacea revealed that Cellex-C's patented ingredient complex proved to be beneficial in reducing skin's redness from rosacea and improving skin tone.
WASHINGTON -- Oral azithromycin produced "moderate to marked" improvement in acne rosacea patients without causing the gastrointestinal side effects typical of other macrolide antibiotics, Dr.
The hospital doctor told me that I had acne rosacea and told me I needed to be on antibiotics for a long time.
Senetek PLC (OTCBB: SNTKY), a life sciences product development company targeting the science of aging, has initiated clinical trials of its Pyratine 6 compound (PRK 124) for Acne Rosacea after evaluating positive results from a comparison of separate clinical trials of Pyratine 6 and Kinetin, Senetek's original anti-aging active ingredient.
ROSULA(R) Clarifying Wash(TM), a cleanser offered in an elegant formulation and large size, is indicated for the treatment of acne vulgaris, acne rosacea and seborrheic dermatitis.
Quite often there are pimples and occasionally pustules, which led to the name acne rosacea which means, literally, red acne.
Acne rosacea tends to affect middle-aged men and women and is often first noticed as redness over the nose and cheeks, which is more evident when the person is stressed, embarrassed or has eaten a spicy meal or drunk alcohol (which is why acne rosacea is thought, incorrectly, to be caused by heavy drinking).
This patent covers the use of sub-antimicrobial tetracyclines for the treatment of acne and acne rosacea, including Oracea.
Herbalists regularly treat acne rosacea and I would suggest a consultation rather than self-medication.
SEVERE blushing is the main symptom of acne rosacea, a type of skin inflammation affecting the face.
I HAVE been diagnosed as suffering from a skin condition on my face called acne rosacea for which my doctor has prescribed a six-month course of antibiotics.