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Synonyms for acknowledgment

the act of admitting to something

favorable notice, as of an achievement

Synonyms for acknowledgment

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* Indigo ($750-$999): Company logo on event materials, start/finish line, event Web page, social media and event email blasts; acknowledgment in AID newsletter, annual report and local newspaper; and two runners with official "Color Burst" T-shirts.
The "Analyze Results" feature was then used to collect and record the relevant variations in funding acknowledgment. This feature is available under the "Analyze Results" link at the top of all Web of Science results lists: users can select the "Grant Numbers" filter to view and export all indexed grant numbers associated with the search results.
The Court of Appeal accepted the argument of the Claimant and recognised the letter of the Respondent as valid and binding acknowledgment for the claimed amount.
Feeling aggrieved the appellant filed a complaint before the Federal Ombudsman on 28-4-2010 before whom vide letter dated 28-62012 issued by respondent No.2 an acknowledgment of liability in respect of such right had been made in writing by requiring certain documents from the appellant.
Still, Kerr says, the point of acknowledgment is not to antagonize, but to show respect and to spur meaningful conversations and greater understanding.
The Power of Acknowledgment and Grateful Leadership will make a profound difference in your life as well as every person you interact with.
As such, many advisors are simply incorporating the acknowledgment into existing documents, such as their Form ADV and investment advisory agreements.
You'll need a written acknowledgment, as mentioned previously, but this document must provide more details.
An Acknowledgment of Debt, which is a documented admission of liability by a debtor, has several benefits.
Mahmoud (Sheltami, 2009) This work is Similar to TWOACK, Adaptive ACKnowledgement (AACK) is an acknowledgment-based network layer scheme which can be considered as a combination of a scheme called TACK (identical to TWOACK) and an end-to-end acknowledgment scheme called ACKnowledge (ACK).
The issue presented is whether an attorney's affidavit, later recorded with the registry of deeds, can cure a material defect in the acknowledgment to a mortgage that existed at the time the mortgage itself was recorded.
But CMS did report on results of acknowledgment testing conducted with Medicare fee-for-service contractors in March.
Physicians can submit claims for acknowledgment testing anytime up to the implementation date.
But the CMS did report on results of acknowledgment testing conducted with Medicare fee-for-service contractors in March.
The paper argues that both these forms of acknowledgment token acha (okaji) should not be considered same since thej have separate interactional functions.