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recognized or made known or admitted

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generally accepted

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If he had acknowledged her, he would have had to consider her in the succession along with his two other illegitimate daughters, Mary and Elizabeth," added Norton.
In fact, P carinii has not been acknowledged as a fungus by ICBN or any other authoritative taxonomic system.
In dual active RAID configurations with cache mirroring, writes are written to the caches in both controllers before the write is acknowledged as complete.
Prudential spokesman Robert DeFillippo has acknowledged the imperative of treating policyholders as fairly as possible.
And while it acknowledged the failures of some Christians, it also said many others acted heroically to save Jews.
Cultural difference of various types are acknowledged as strengths, with all people contributing in their own ways to the good of the community.
Although the court acknowledged the CPA might have failed to report suspicious discrepancies in the store's books and records, it held such a failure was not sufficient to excuse the store owners from looking out for their own interests.
Second, you have to put love where your labor is [an acknowledged steal from Ralph Waldo Emerson].
We are honored that the GSM Association has acknowledged the critical role that MDM plays in this process as well as InnoPath as a pioneer in making MDM a reality.
General manager Bill Stoneman is hopeful Escobar will return from the DL when eligible, but he acknowledged the injury could be a longer-term situation.
Her existential grief will, by necessity, be buried under layers of denial, because how can one grieve a person when the world never acknowledged that person's existence?
During a recent talk at the University of Massachusetts, Moore acknowledged that he has spoken at recent state conventions of the Constitution Party, but he also noted that he has spoken at Republican events as well.
Rulings in Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and California have also held that if the husband acknowledged the children as his for the duration of the marriage, he cannot deny paternity afterward.
The archbishop has acknowledged ordaining an openly gay candidate for the priesthood and questioned whether celibacy should be an absolute requirement for gay and lesbian clergy.