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recognized or made known or admitted

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generally accepted

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Bessie Blount is widely known to have been Henry's mistress, and she was already the mother of his acknowledged son Henry Fitzroy.
But he acknowledged that "this would not be an easy thing to implement.
Paulson clearly acknowledged the distastefulness of his remarks and took full responsibility for having made them.
Both Chagas and Carini later acknowledged their errors and the validity of the Delanoes' conclusion.
Her name was never mentioned and her contribution to the success of this business was never acknowledged.
While reiterating "the church's teaching on the sanctity of marriage," it acknowledged that "some, acting in good conscience .
Like every other student of manners, Bryson acknowledges Elias's pioneering work, but she also shows how the relationship of specific rules to reality is far more complicated than he acknowledged.
With write-back caching, a write is written to cache, the I/O is acknowledged as "complete" to the server that issued the write, and some time later, the cached write is written or flushed to disk.
John Hancock, which is in the process of demutualizing, has recognized the suboptimal pricing pattern in initial public offerings and has implicitly acknowledged that the pattern is unfair to certain policyholders.
Instead, they took this doctrine to mean that "Judaism could be acknowledged as one of the eclectic cultures composing German Kultur" (39).
The procedure eliminates the problems with a paper extension that is not acknowledged.
The document, which was released March 16 and is called "We Remember: A Reflection on the Shoah," also acknowledged that centuries of anti-Jewish attitudes within the church may have contributed to this lack of resistance to the Nazi genocide.
Cultural difference of various types are acknowledged as strengths, with all people contributing in their own ways to the good of the community.
Although the court acknowledged the CPA might have failed to report suspicious discrepancies in the store's books and records, it held such a failure was not sufficient to excuse the store owners from looking out for their own interests.