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recognized or made known or admitted

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The landlords' solicitor refused to acknowledge receipt and it was only 16 months later, once proceedings had been issued, that the landlords' solicitor acknowledged that the faxes had been received.
In past operations, the president acknowledged, "political and sectarian interference" have prevented the military from entering those neighborhoods.
SOLICIT/EMPOWER: Once you have acknowledged how others feel and you have acknowledged their reasons for having those feelings, you should solicit options for how they would like to see the situation resolved.
He acknowledged that the Treasury Department's tax reform activities have not been visible in the press, but assured the TEI group that tax reform is a very active topic within the Department.
I'm all for getting to the bottom of Bush's malfeasance, but how much investigation do you need when the President himself has acknowledged that he's been bypassing the FISA court and spying on Americans without a warrant?
The Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams has not issued any direct comment about the Church of Nigeria's removal of reference to his See, or official seat of authority, in its constitution but acknowledged in an interview with Reuters that, "the divisions are quite deep, if I am honest, and there is now quite a reservoir of ill-feelings on both sides."
The 1975 Synod of the German Catholic Church said it clearly: "We were, on the whole, during this Nazi era a church community that lived too much with our backs turned against the fate of the persecuted Jewish people, with our attention fixed too much on the threat to our own institutions, and that was silent about the crimes committed against the Jews and Judaism." In 2000 the German bishops again acknowledged German Catholics' complicity and guilt, noting that "too few resisted."
Garrow: Only a minority of the news coverage has acknowledged that, back in November and December, it appears that the chief justice was not strong or energetic or sharp enough to absorb the necessary materials on all the cases which were argued.
Problems at the Academy are acknowledged, Lynn said, but task force members denied that there is a pattern of intentional religious intolerance and bias there.
But new Education Secretary Margaret Spellings acknowledged in February the "errors of judgment" by the Bush Administration and vowed to investigate.
reproduction of the real production; an acknowledged representation of a representation." Yet this dutiful genuflection toward the self-critical image does little to detract from the fact that these mildly disconcerting, flickering pictures are visually lush and intensely seductive, and O'Malley also acknowledges that the distancing mechanism of the double framing within these works may have the paradoxical effect of actually intensifying "the aura of the original moment" rather than diminishing it.
The write is not acknowledged back to the application until the remote system has received the write and acknowledged that the write is complete.
Most practitioners acknowledged subgroup differences with respect to country of origin, parental educational attainment and immigrant generation.