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capable of being acknowledged

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Hence, it can be stated that Baicalein pretreatment after IRI leads to an acknowledgeable decrease of liver enzyme elevation compared to the respective sham-operated mice, significant for AST activation (-50.3%; * p = 0.0438) and GLDH activation (-65.8%; * p = 0.0481).
While his concern for respecting differences of others is acknowledgeable, his concept of differance is criticized by some scholars.
For Morris, it is not a "short poem expressing the thoughts and feelings of a single speaker" (Kennedy and Gioia 2009, 10) nor "the genre of private life" (Vendler 2002, xl), but rather a "social genre" (1) as it strives to make "persons acknowledgeable" to each other (Grossman 1992, 3).
Robin Rocket conducts a special program to train, empower the workforce, which delivers the most efficient and acknowledgeable service in the segment.
We identified managers at both the sending and receiving subsidiaries who were acknowledgeable about the innovation transfer in their subsidiaries, and then ask them to answer a set of questions for each project in face-to-face and/or phone interviews with the help of a structured questionnaire.
It was acknowledgeable that Rangers had restored peace in city through taking effective actions against the criminals, extortionists, target killers and terrorists, he said talking to a private news channel.
ISLAMABAD -- With developing countries paying due attention to infrastructural development, it has become an acknowledgeable fact that a network of quality roads spur economic growth and highlight the geo economic potential of the country, besides opening up new vistas of development and opportunities for the masses.
One of the most acknowledgeable works of GPT classification is Hall and Trajtenberg (2004)'s cross-patent study.