ack-ack gun

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artillery designed to shoot upward at airplanes

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Sixty years after manning ack-ack guns on D-Day, a Welsh woman has been rewarded for her work with ex-service personnel.
"The ack-ack guns were banging away, only to be interrupted by the occasional boom of "big Bertha", the big gun in Sandpits Lane.
My life changed completely as I met my future wife, Connie, in Antwerp, who was gun laying on ack-ack guns."
One evening he gave a lift to a soldier who said that he had been serving one of the ack-ack guns during the Blitz and that all the crew had become so totally exhausted that they no longer had the strength to stuff the shells up into the guns, which had to be loaded by hand.
Intelligence reports suggested that it was located in the centre of thickly populated Amritsar city and a battery of heavy ack-ack guns guarded it The PAF leadership wanted to destroy the target at all costs so that air superiority could be achieved in the battle area.
The lads and lasses on the ack-ack guns and balloon defences often don't even get a mention.
ANOTHER night, tense, waiting, black-out curtains pulled tight, lights down low, The anxious silence, then the trickle of fear as the banshee wails, the siren we all know, Searchlights, pencils in the sky poking, probing the evil shadows in the black of night, Droning aircraft somewhere up above, terrifying sounds of fire and bombs and flashing firelight, Bells ringing, stirrup pumps, shouting, screaming, The plop of falling bombs, The ack-ack guns, the noise and flak, huddled under blankets in our shelter tombs, A chink of daylight, a sense of relief once more, the wonderful silence as war fades, Out into daylight, the smells and sight of war and death, surviving yet another air raid.
Women served in many ways: manning searchlights and ack-ack guns in defence of airbases and major cities, driving trucks in supply columns behind the front lines, manning balloons, acting as signallers, all so that more men would be available to fight at the fronts.
Mrs B Shaw, of Crosland Hill, lived in Lister Street, Moldgreen during the war and recalls two Navy ack-ack guns in a small field off Forest Road.
Every kind of vehicle that was part of the German military--trucks, motorcycles, cars of every description, troop carriers, half-tracks, small tanks of some sort, ack-ack guns and 88s [two types of anti-aircraft weapons], two-wheeled carts, wagons and horses for them--all burned, disabled or damaged, pushed off the road, and the dead horses, perhaps 20 or so, beginning to bloat and smell....
From the ATS girls who manned (womanned?) the ack-ack guns to the housewives who interrupted their routine lives to work in war factories, we could not have done without them.
While he was overhead the Amritsar radar, his aircraft came under heavy fire from enemy ack-ack guns and got severe damage on the right wing.
"They sent me down to Honiton in Devon for six weeks square-bashing, and after that I went to Bordon in Hampshire to do an eight-month course on three different types of Ack-Ack guns."
Every night, sleeping fitfully in the lobby with Rags, as the terrible racket went on overhead: the whistling, the crump, then the explosion; the ack-ack guns in the local park, and the distinctive sound of the Bofors gun, like a book being slammed shut.