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artillery designed to shoot upward at airplanes

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About a minute after coming off the target, some ack-ack hit us.
Due to lack of coordination and proper communication with the friendly radar, the ack-ack gunners at Rahwali were not aware of the practice attacks or perhaps they panicked and took their own B-57 aircraft for an enemy Canberra- the British version of B-57, which looked the same.
The jury heard how Sidhu dragged Mr Ack-Ack royd's body into the bathroom where it was slung in the bath and covered with clothes and a duvet.
Although the Germans claimed they had put up a massive ack-ack barrage and brought down six of our planes, the RAF said the true total of losses was three bombers.
Close by was an ack-ack battery gun that fired at German planes.
A Also starring the famous double-act Elsie and Doris Waters, Ack-Ack Beer-Beer ran from 1940-4.
Women served in many ways: manning searchlights and ack-ack guns in defence of airbases and major cities, driving trucks in supply columns behind the front lines, manning balloons, acting as signallers, all so that more men would be available to fight at the fronts.
Mind you, it could be a rough flight in to York as they pass over Messrs Hills and Drowne on the ack-ack battery and Kim Tinkler blazing away on the Bofors gun.
Rather, it was the type of maniacal 'ack-ack' that brought to mind a Sten gun being emptied into an Easter pageant scene full of fluffy chicks and bunny rabbits.
In the Second World War, RAF Ack-Ack lington was a fighter base and some of its original buildings survive, including a pillbox with a mounting for an anti-aircraft gun on the roof.
Mike's first book told the story of the former boss of Ack-Ack lam's Blue Bell Hotel, Ron Darby.
I remember, as I am sure will other pupils of Green Lane Junior School in the 1940s, crossing over Coat of Arms Bridge Road into an air raid shelter on the common ground outisde the park's Ack-Ack emplacement.
During World War II he was conscripted into the 121st Light Ack-Ack of the Regiment of the Royal Artillery and is a veteran of the 'D' Day Landings.
"We and all the neighbours' kids would sing songs like Ten Green Bottles, anything to muf-fle the sound of bomb explosions, crumbling bricks, ack-ack fire and the drone of plane engines.
There were searchlights to the south, the crunching and the thuds of ack-ack and bombs to the north, and the drone of German planes overhead.