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Synonyms for acinous

pertaining to one of the small sacs (as in a compound gland)

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Ovary acinous, deeply multilobed, with about 12 lobes, median, pre-testicular, wider than long, anterior to midbody, measuring 0.
Ovary acinous, multilobed with about 10 lobes, median, pre-testicular, wider than long, well anterior to midbody, 0.
Adjacent to the secretory epithelium of the hypobranchial gland is located an acinous glandular-like structure, which could be the rectal or anal gland.
Although exhausted gland extracts were not practical, they provided evidence supporting the goal of obtaining extracts of the islet cells free from the products of the acinous cells.
It is characterized by the replacement of the normal acinous cells of the lobules by malignant "ductal" cells similar to those present in the adjacent malignant ducts.