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pertaining to one of the small sacs (as in a compound gland)

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physical restraints should be constructed from aciniform silk (the
31); PMS with one minor ampullate gland spigot, one tartipore and one nubbin, without aciniform gland spigots (Fig.
Considering aciniform gland content as one of the regulating factors of stabilimentum size can help interpret the observed results.
Tartipores are associated not only with the secondary ampullate glands but also with piriform and aciniform glands.
Based on morphology, these silk glands can be grouped into seven general types: aciniform, aggregate, flagelliform, major ampullate, minor ampullate, pyriform, and tubuliform (Kovoor 1987).
The sheet is probably made of silk from the linearly arranged brush of posterior lateral spinneret aciniform gland spigots (Hormiga et al.
Spigots: AC = aciniform gland spigots(s), CO = colulus, CY = cylindriform gland spigot(s), PI = pyriform gland spigot(s), SH = serrate hairs.
"Web decorations" (first mentioned as such by McCook 1889, but also called "stabilimenta" by Simon 1895 and many modern authors) in the araneid genus Argiope consist of numerous flimsy aciniform silk threads (Peters 1993), mostly arranged in zig zag shaped bands (Bruce 2006).
AMS conical and short with one minor ampullate gland spigot, tartipore and approximately ten aciniform gland spigots (Fig.
Abbreviations: AC = aciniform spigots; ALE = anterior lateral eyes; ALS = anterior lateral spinneret; AME = anterior median eyes; CY = cylindrical spigots; mAP = minor ampullate spigots; MAP = major ampullate spigots; PI = piriform spigots; PLE = posterior lateral eyes; PLS = posterior lateral spinneret; PME = posterior median eyes; PMS = posterior median spinneret.
146) light, with numerous aciniform glands spigots (AC).
9, 10); AMS conical and short with pair of minor ampullate gland spigots, 2-4 cylindrical gland spigots and 20-25 aciniform gland spigots (Fig.