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one of the small drupes making up an aggregate or multiple fruit like a blackberry

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one of the small sacs or saclike dilations in a compound gland

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However, almost all transition males displayed female acini containing disintegrated oocytes, with only one specimen exhibiting limited remains of oogonia within developed male acini, which would tend to support a switch from female to male (proterogyn hermaphrodism) or repeated switches of sex.
Salivary secretion takes place in the gland acini. However, the role of water channel protein in the process of secretion still remains unknown.
melitensis, showed diffuse intracytoplasmic positive staining for Brucella spp., primarily in mononuclear and inflammatory cells on various tissues (spleen [Figure 2], lymph nodes, lung, uterus, liver, pancreas, and brain), in lesions, in lungworms, and in mammary gland acini and milk.
"Future breast cancer cases are significantly more likely to have larger lobules with more acini," according to Dr.
In PCNA immunostained samples, a small number of labeled nuclei were observed in the CTR prostate acini, most of them being located in the basal layer (Fig.
Using cultures of acinar cells or isolated pancreatic acini, researchers now have firmly established that pancreatic acinar cells are capable of metabolizing ethanol via both the oxidative and the nonoxidative pathways (Haber et al.
Our data indicate that the pancreatic exocrine acini are a target tissue of the DLCs, inducing mainly degenerative, inflammatory, and atrophic lesions and possibly also sporadic acinar adenomas and carcinomas.
Gonads of the hermaphrodites consisted primarily of male tissue, with small numbers of female acini per section.
Among the diverse interactions during tumor proliferation, we believe inflammatory processes are likely to be among the key events that drive prostate cells from the acini to the blood vessels.
Its glossary defines and illustrates more than 60 pastas--from acini di pepe to ziti.
To avoid these pitfalls, it is important to recognize the presence of apocrine features and myoepithelial cells around the lobulocentric proliferations of small acini.
Primordial acini appear as cluster of cells in fibromuscular stroma (Fig: 3).
Levels of ROS produced by cerulein-stimulated pancreatic acini cells were higher than those observed with unstimulated pancreatic acini.
By contrast, in spent pearl oysters in the nonreproductive season (September and October), only small ovoid (8.9 X 5.2 [micro]m) povlg1-positive cells were observed in the base of acini. In juvenile (1 mo old) pearl oysters, a clump of germ cells first formed from several cells that were distributed symmetrically and lateral to the visceral mass.