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one of the small drupes making up an aggregate or multiple fruit like a blackberry

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one of the small sacs or saclike dilations in a compound gland

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We have demonstrated that the distribution of mucous alveoli is greater than serous acini, which are mainly located at the basal membrane of acinic cells.
primarily in mononuclear and inflammatory cells on various tissues (spleen [Figure 2], lymph nodes, lung, uterus, liver, pancreas, and brain), in lesions, in lungworms, and in mammary gland acini and milk.
Hartmann, head of the Mayo Clinic's benign breast disease study team, said that in order to standardize assessment of lobular involution and make it faster and more clinically practical, she and her colleagues have developed a quantitative involution measure based upon computerized calculation of lobular area and the number of acini per lobular unit.
Organization of the hepatic parenchyma into lobules and acini between portal tract and hepatic vein allows for a gradual filtration of blood as it moves via sinusoid from Zone 1 to Zone 3.
Experiments show that 5000 cells/ chamber of human mammary epithelial cell lines (MCF10A) in chamber slide is optimal for the 3D formation of acini morphology or mammosphere during 20 days.
The prostatic acini affected by PIN showed a remarkable enlargement of the epithelial layer with pseudostratification and crowding of the nuclei in comparison with normal acini from controls.
Studies with acini or pancreatic acinar cells grown in the laboratory (i.
The follicular units may contain groups of primitive sebaceous acini.
Its glossary defines and illustrates more than 60 pastas--from acini di pepe to ziti.
1 cup uncooked acini di pepe pasta or other small round pasta (8 oz)
925/2006 as amended and supplemented, by an instrument under the law of guarantee issued by a banking company or an insurance company in the form presented in the form "Letter of Performance Bond" which will be presented original acini , or- By ret.
Intrahepatic bile duct adenomas are rare, benign tumors composed of disorganized but mature peribiliary gland acini and tubules.