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Synonyms for acidulous

having a taste characteristic of that produced by acids

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Synonyms for acidulous

being sour to the taste

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That gothic suggestion replaced another, rather less apt, metaphor which Trevelyan had used during an earlier period of starker division between his abstract and figurative paintings: 'I have preferred not to mix my drinks, but to keep them well apart.' Yet in the early years of his mostly self-taught artistic apprenticeship, he certainly mixed drinks from other artists' cabinets: a shot of Miro curdles into a draught of Kandinsky; viscous globules of Dali and Tanguy go down with a chaser of acidulous Vorticism (Fig.
This dark chocolate couvature is at once intense and subtle, spicy and fruity, with acidulous notes.
To do a histographical revision of acidulous waters in the Canary Islands.
With its unique rolling and melting on the palate, the rich and acidulous taste of the Ganache Serrania is a journey in itself.
In 1970, he declares that he is "steeped in the acidulous wisdom of Nietzsche" (Wild 268).
directed one of the most acidulous political documentaries ever in Der
Oakley's allusive title comes from Hobbes who struck out against everything ancient and primitive that, in his acidulous view, the Roman Church had foisted on people for centuries.
It's not so much an acidulous response as it is a sly, winking one, a way to acknowledge a given truth with a dash of cynicism, just to keep everything--and everyone--honest.
The hobbyhorses may get trundled out--from feminists to the fashionably politically correct--and duly flogged to death, but the attention to textual detail, with assiduous as well as acidulous analysis of so many aspects of his giant topics, as often as not helps to keep even some of the wildest flights of the polemic firmly tied to linguistic and literary terra firma.
Her description of his "gaunt figure with its serious, unkind and completely shaven face," his "high-pitched acidulous voice," and his deliberately insulting manners is worthy of Tolstoy himself (447-448).
(5) She was noted in literary circles for her 'quick and slightly acidulous wit', (6) and was a regular and popular figure at literary and theatrical parties during the decade.
Notice how Pablo Neruda leads us on a journey into the heart of the lemon through his use of imagery in a few lines from his poem "Ode to a Lemon." Cutting the Lemon the knife leaves a little cathedral: alcoves unguessed by the eye that open acidulous glass to the light of topazes riding the droplets, altars, aromatic facades...
Sentences cannot be quite so explicit, though I have depicted one of Mark Twain's diatribes against another river pilot ("He was a middle-aged long, slim, bony, smooth-shaven, horse-faced, ignorant, stingy, malicious, snarling, fault-finding, mote-magnifying tyrant") as a towboat pulling behind its noun a long row of barges bearing acidulous and pejorative adjectives.
In his articles, lectures and books he advanced his unflinching views of the truth with extraordinary vigor, acidulous wit, conviction, and rhetorical flourish.