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make sour or more sour

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Cosma, "Production of Italian dry salami: effect of starter culture and chemical acidulation on staphylococcal growth in salami under commercial manufacturing conditions," Applied and Environmental Microbiology, vol.
Nitric Acid acidulation of phosphate rock and pyrolysis of acidulate to produce phosphatic and nitrogen fertilizers.
Cheesemaking class focuses on two of the word's great fresh cheeses, mozzarella and ricotta, including acidulation, stretching and serving.
[7.] Khonje DJ ,Varsa EC and B Klubek The acidulation effects of nitrogenous fertilizers on selected chemical and microbiological properties of soil.
We deliver fresh ideas in food ingredients by offering extensive categories of ingredients for acidulation, leavening, fortification, shelflife extension, texture modification and carbohydrate replacement, as well as a line of new innovative sweeteners.
The use of ammonium thiosulfate (TSA) for RF acidulation combined with sulfuric acid (SA) is feasible.
Most phosphate rocks contain around 3-4% F (Table 6), much of which is released as gaseous F compounds during the acidulation process for the manufacture of phosphate fertilisers.
Phosphate rock (usually fluorapatite), a very insoluble form of phosphate, must be concentrated and converted to the available orthophosphate form through thermal or, more often, acidulation processes (Robinson 1980).
During the acidulation process that creates phosphoric acid, radon gas contained in the phosphate pebble can be released in greater proportions than other decay-rate products (radionuclides) and carried over into the fluorosilicic acid.
After thickening, the slurry from the grinding circuits passes through the acidulation process prior to autoclaving.
While acidulation in the winery is fairly common in red wine, some wineries are choosing to live with higher pHs in the 3.9-4.0 range.
Characteristics of the fertilisers used Granule size or grade Fertiliser Symbol (mm) Calcined magnesite (calmag 1, MgO) CM1 1-2 Calcined magnesite (calmag 2, MgO) CM2 2-4 Granulated calmag 20% acidulation GM 2-4 (granmag, Mg[SO.sub.4].MgO) Dolomite (Ca[CO.sub.3].Mg[CO.sub.3]) Dol Forestry(C) Epsom salts (Mg[SO.sub.4].7[H.sub.2]O) Eps <0.25 Total Liming value(A) Mg (CaO equiv.