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Effect of acidulated phosphate fluoride gel application time on enamel demineralization of deciduous and permanent teeth.
A dose-dependent effect has been demonstrated in the analysis of enamel resistance to a cariogenic challenge following the application of an acidulated phosphate fluoride (APF) or sodium fluoride (NaF) gel, with greater fluoride absorption and a more efficient reduction in demineralisation in enamel treated with APF than with NaF [Delbem and Cury, 2002].
We hypothesized that a combination of professional fluoride, applied as acidulated phosphate fluoride (APF), and use of 1,100 ppm fluoride dentifrice would provide additional protection for dentin compared with 1,100 ppm fluoride alone.
4) When they compared acidulated phosphate fluoride versus fluoride varnishes, they determined that both were equally effective.
The comparison between the fluoride toothpaste and acidulated phosphate fluoride revealed a difference of 5% in the reduction of lesion depth, although this difference was not statistically significant (p > 0.