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make sour or more sour

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Friesen DK, Sale PWG, Blair GJ (1987) Long term green house evaluation of partially acidulated phosphate rock fertilizers.
Bottino, "Surface degradation of glass ceramics after exposure to acidulated phosphate fluoride," Journal of Applied Oral Science, vol.
Group 4--Acidulated Phosphate Fluoride The gel form of Acidulated Phosphate Fluoride (Nuprogel, Dentsply, Petropolis, RJ, Brazil) was applied for 1 minute.
See text for further explanation Abbreviations: APF= acidulated phosphate fluoride gel; CCT = controlled clinical trial; CHX = chlorhexidine; CLP = cleft, lip and/or palate; CPDHP = comprehensive preventive dental program; CS = cross-sectional evaluation; DHE = dental health education; F = fluoride; GIC = glass ionomer cement; MI = motivational interviewing; RCT = randomized controlled trial; SES = socioeconomic status Table 3.
He stressed the importance, for example, of properly preparing pads with acidulated water and then pushing out the water before running an actual filtration; the need to acidulate with DE filtration media as well; the importance of filtering as closely before bottling as possible, since a tank of wine can go through a lot of changes in a couple days; and the value of a pressure sensor to regulate the flow from the pump in a filtration system.
Fresh artichokes require special handling - trimming the outer leaves, removing the inner section and cooking in some acidulated water with a little flour.
Bolland MDA (1994b) Effectiveness of two partially acidulated rock phosphates, coastal superphosphate and Ecophos, compared with North Carolina reactive rock phosphate and superphosphate.
My friend had chosen a mackerel and beetroot dish to start; the strong, salty taste of the mackerel being cut through by a delightfully acidulated beetroot puree.
Variation in RE within and between years has also been observed in a comparison of ordinary single superphosphate and partially acidulated rock phosphate by Bolland et al.
During the season, he used a 1.5% solution of Roundup acidulated with ammonium sulfate.