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make sour or more sour

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The acidulated malt brings out the hops, this has great mouthfeel and a pleasing spiciness," Mark added.
Composition and nutritive value of acidulated fatty acids, degummed canola oil and tallow as energy sources for starting broiler chicks.
300ml milk acidulated with a squeeze of lemon juice
Acidulated phosphate fluoride treatment and formation of caries-like lesions in enamel: effect of application time.
Lewis DC, Sale PWG, Johnson D (1997) Agronomic effectiveness of a partially acidulated reactive phosphate rock fertiliser.
SheerFluorX molds tightly to the teeth, ensuring complete contact of its 5 percent acidulated sodium fluoride and enabling rapid uptake.
Specimens were stained in aceto-carmine, destained in 70% acidulated alcohol until light pink, and then dehydrated in a stepwise manner with 1 h each in the following concentrations of ethanol: 85%, 95%, 100%, and 100% again.
QI have a recipe which says to put my vegetables in to acidulated water.
They oxidise quickly, so must be peeled into acidulated water.
The beans of these cocoa trees have enabled me to develop a highly flavored chocolate, blending aromas of exotic fruit, delicious flavors of honey spice cake and acidulated hints of citrus fruit, "explains Cluizel.
This trend requires precise input but the result is a rye-wheat or rye acidulated bread of the highest quality with long expiration and health safety.
Leaves and stalks go into the canal, while the neatlyturned hearts drop into a bucket of acidulated water to await a sale.
Braithwaite AC (1987) Partially acidulated phosphate rock fertilizers--an FMRA research review.
The solutions Tetra ethyl ortho silicate and Acrylic acidA were added to the acidulated water and the recipients were sealed.
The fever finally came to a crisis with a profuse sweating brought on, Cheyne claims, by "large Draughts of warm Barley Water or small Sack-Whey, acidulated with Gas Sulph.