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make sour or more sour

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Functional Food Ingredients Market On the basis of type, the market was sub-segmented into: - Protein & acidulates - Vitamins - Minerals - Prebiotics - Probiotics - Hydrocolloids - Essential oil - Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids - Flavonoids & Carotenoids On the basis of application, the market was sub-segmented into: - Food - Beverage On the basis of health benefit, the market was sub-segmented into: - Gut health - Bone health - Heart health - Immunity - Nutrition On the basis of region, the market was sub-segmented into: - North America - Europe - Asia-Pacific - RoWRead the full report: http://www.
Especially, additives like acidulates, hydrocolloids and enzymes are experiencing growth due to rise in energy and material cost.
has proven that material from Paradise North acidulates well and makes a world market quality phosphoric acid.
In China, the fruit juice drink refers to the drunken straight drink, made of fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables, the production of fruit and vegetable liquid products, and added water, sugar and acidulates etc to the fruit juice, concentrated fruit juice and vegetable juice.