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abnormally high acidity (excess hydrogen-ion concentration) of the blood and other body tissues

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While we observed an association between an increased requirement for blood transfusion and repeat rFVIIa doses in patients who were acidotic, in the absence of a control group it was not possible to establish a causal relationship with reduced rFVIIa activity.
papaya for 7 days also signals acidotic conditions, however prolonged administration increased the serum bicarbonate, a reflection that the kidney is beginning to counteract the acidotic condition.
Rhabdomyolysis can induce ARF, particularly in hypovolemic or acidotic individuals.
The fetus exposed to this environment has a much reduced capacity to tolerate the stress of labour without becoming acidotic and suffering the consequences thereof.
Subsequently Judith added an additional negligence claim and designated an additional expert, contending that the nurses had also failed to report a highly elevated respiratory rate that indicated the decedent had become acidotic as a side effect of the ischemia in the small bowel.
Hypothesising hypercarbic acidosis would provide improved recovery of the stunned myocardium following cardiac surgery in lambs, Nomura et al (9) found the hypercarbic acidotic group had improved indices of contractility, coronary blood flow and myocardial oxygen consumption.
For years it has been reported that trauma patients can become hypothermic and acidotic which, along with the development of a coagulopathy, forms a triad known as the "bloody viscious cycle" with a high mortality rate.
If disease makes it difficult to eliminate CO2 adequately it gets used to the low, acidotic pH and starts using its back up method to stimulate breathing, the oxygen concentration in the blood, PaO2.
So they become gradually, mildly, but progressively acidotic.
Even if anyone could look at an arterial blood gas and determine the patient is in respiratory failure and acidotic, if the physician themselves does not document the presence of both it can't be coded.
The average fetus enters labor slightly acidotic with a base deficit of approximately 2 mmol/L.
She was tachypneic and acidotic and required reintubation.
These patients are usually acidotic, with the presence of ketones as well as lactic acid.
Vascular occlusion prevents systemic antifungal agents from reaching their targets, and ischemia favors the development of acidotic tissue, which is ideal for fungal growth.
This could disguise the presence of a renal tubular acidosis in an acidotic patient or a coexistent unmeasured anion in a patient with metabolic alkalosis.