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abnormally high acidity (excess hydrogen-ion concentration) of the blood and other body tissues

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Symptomatic treatment was started in intensive care unit because of acidosis. CSF examination showed normal study and MRI brain revealed bilateral hemorrhagic necrosis of putamen and posterior limb of right internal capsule with edema in the deep white matter.
Acidosis in high yielding dairy cattle is a problem for financial reasons, as well as for animal's welfare reasons.
(NASDAQ: TCDA) has received results from its blinded, randomized, placebo-controlled, multicenter clinical trial, TRCA-301E, in 196 CKD patients with metabolic acidosis, the company said.
Metformin has had warnings about risk of lactic acidosis occurring in patients with kidney disease, but there is no evidence that metformin is associated with lactic acidosis or raised serum lactate levels in patients with diabetes with normal renal function.
Since most farms aim at maximising milk production, diets provided mainly constitute concentrates and high quality forages that are limited with the effective fibre.Sorting due to reduced intake of physically effective fibre may increase production of Volatile Fatty Acids (VFAs) and cause ruminal pH to drop below the optimal levels and lead to sub-acute acidosis.
Based on the biochemistry of the rumen and the pathophysiology of lactic acidosis in ruminants, it is assumed that, in this case, an excessive production of fatty acids such as propionate and acetate by lipolytic microorganisms occurred (FUENTES et al., 2009).
Moreover, it differs from SKA in pregnancy in that the acidosis is initially milder, and at least 10-14 days of starvation are required for the ketoacidosis to manifest clinically.
Benjamin Lazarus, M.B.B.S., M.P.H., from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in Baltimore, and colleagues quantified the correlation between metformin use and hospitalization with acidosis among 75,413 patients with diabetes.
High doses of INH are associated with metabolic acidosis, convulsions, rhabdomyolysis, lactic acidosis, coma, and even may cause death if not properly treated.
Patients may present with hemolytic anemia alone or together with acidosis and central nervous system impairment.
The most serious complication of methanol intoxication is metabolic acidosis; moreover, cardiovascular instability, ocular toxicity resulting in blindness, and death may also occur (2).
Ruminal acidosis is resultant of accidental and rapid ingestion of excessive amounts of carbohydrate rich grains like wheat, rice, corn and barley.
Ethylene glycol poisoning is a medical emergency characterized by central nervous system depression, severe metabolic acidosis, cardiopulmonary complications, acute renal failure, and even death [1].