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abnormally high acidity (excess hydrogen-ion concentration) of the blood and other body tissues

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The company has successfully completed a Phase 1/2 double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of TRC101 in CKD patients with metabolic acidosis, and recently completed enrollment in a pivotal Phase 3 clinical trial.
An unusual initial presentation of Sjogren's syndrome: severe hypokalemic paralysis secondary to distal renal tubular acidosis.
Key words: Acute pancreatitis, Hypokalemia, Renal tubular acidosis.
The European Union has granted Advicenne orphan drug designation for its lead candidate ADV7103 for patients with distal Renal Tubulopathy Acidosis (dRTA), the French biopharmaceutical company disclosed on Wednesday.
La combinacion de acidosis metabolica, coagulopatia e hipotermia en el trauma se ha asociado a mal pronostico.
Keywords: Potassium thiosulfate, Poisoning, Metabolic acidosis, H2S, Case series.
Metabolic acidosis results in decreased renal tubular phosphate reabsorption and negative phosphorus balance, with subsequent increase in 1,25(OH)2 vitamin D production rate and decreased serum concentration of intact parathyroid hormone in healthy individuals.
Companies marketing metformin-containing medicines will be requested to closely monitor and analyse future lactic acidosis cases and report these during upcoming periodic safety reviews in order to follow up on any changes in the frequency of this side effect.
Hypokalaemia induced quadriparesis due to distal renal tubular acidosis secondary to autoimmune disease Sjogren's Syndrome.
1 mmol/L) suggestive of severe high anion-gap metabolic acidosis with anion gap of 44.
On hospitalization day 6, his body temperature and blood pressure decreased to <35[degrees]C and 80/60 mmHg, respectively, and the lactic acidosis worsened (lactate, 6.
Chronic metabolic acidosis mainly distresses two alkaline digestive glands: the liver and pancreas, which secrete alkaline bile and pancreatic juice with a great amount of bicarbonate.
The following MESH terms were used for the advanced search: Acid-Base, Equilibrium OR Acid-Base imbalance OR Acidosis OR Alkalosis OR Hydrogen-Ion Concentration, included in the title, the abstract or the key words.
Myth: Metformin should not be used in patients with mild to moderate renal insufficiency because of an increased risk of lactic acidosis.