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especially of some bacteria

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A copepod in an advanced stage of degradation was observed among the visceral connective tissues of one oyster, and its refractile and lightly acidophilic exoskeleton was densely surrounded by defensive hemocytes (Fig.
The cell apex has a striated border and the cell cytoplasm was predominantly acidophilic.
While the water column was not overly acidic, perhaps the accumulation/release of organic acids due to microbial conditioning and decomposition formed a suitable microhabitat for the acidophilic diatoms (Friberg & Winterbourn 1996; Colburn 2004) and/or influence of the acidic soil (Jackson & Barnes 1975).
Acidophilic terrestrial gastropod communities of North America.
We performed a liver biopsy that showed periportal fibrosis with presence of plasma cells, acidophilic bodies and balloon degeneration and a skin biopsy that revealed the presence of necrotic basal keratinocytes, focal oedema and perivascular lymphohistiocytic infiltrate.
By their criteria, SDCC had either (1) absent, pyknotic, or irregular-shaped nuclei, or (2) acidophilic or vacuolated cytoplasm.
Acidithiobacillus thiooxidans is a chemolithotrophic acidophilic, obligately autotrophic bacterium which derives its energy by oxidizing reduced or partially reduced sulfur compounds and obtains its carbon by fixing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere [16].
The first group includes products, the manufacturing of which is mainly based on lactic fermentation: sour milk, acidophilic milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, sour cream.
Presence of acidophilic bacteria in the coal mine spoil have been documented by several workers (Wood and Kelly, 1986; Norris, 1990; Kristjansson and Stetter, 1992; Shennan, 1996; Rawlings et al.
Follicular cytoplasm is relatively acidophilic and stains much lighter than previous stages.
Many sections exhibited an acidophilic amorphous material resembling nectrotic marrow tissue, in parts mixed with disrupted osseous trabeculae, but without any inflammatory reaction.