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especially of some bacteria

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In the acidophilic cytoplasm, some strong vesicles (5-8 [micro]m in diameter) were observed, and several acidophilic yolk granules (5-10 [micro]m in diameter) were found within the vesicles.
The acidophilic iron(II) ion-oxidizing bacterium Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans was the first recognized microbe employed in the processes of extraction of metals from sulfidic ores by bioleaching.
Sections of white matter of the spinal cord, as seen using (H&E) staining; note the normal structure in the control (A) and increased dispersed astrocytes (black arrows) in the sham group (B); (C): white matter of the spinal cord of rats, seven days after CSCI, showing areas of cavitation (star) surrounded by a demarcating rim of numerous astrocytes (dashed arrows), with intensely acidophilic cytoplasm and dark shrunken nuclei; note the large motor neurons (black arrows); (D): posterior horn of the spinal cord of rats seven days after the lesion, showing areas of localized hemorrhage with numerous astrocytes within the field (dotted arrows); small sensory neurons (black arrows); scale bars A-D, 50 mm.
There were many degenerated neurons with acidophilic cytoplasm in the IR group (b, arrows) and a few of degenerated neurons with acidophilic cytoplasm in the MAN group (c, arrow).
Propyl gallate synthesis using acidophilic tannase and simultaneous production of tannase and gallic acid by marine Aspergillus awamori BTMFW032.
Furthermore, intracellular hyaline in swollen hepatocytes and acidophilic bodies (hepatocyte apoptosis) were also found (FIG.
The possible mechanisms for the formation of a cochlear lesion in the course of AN are compression of the labyrinthine artery by AN, disturbance in the cytokine balance of the cochlea as a result of cytokine overproduction by the tumor, or concentration of acidophilic (protein) precipitate in the inner ear fluids [23].
The liver of the control (figure 7A) and eugenol-administered (figure 7C) rats showed normal hepatic structures, characterized by polygonal-shaped hepatocytes with well-defined boundaries and slight staining acidophilic cytoplasms with large and centrally located nuclei.
A few strains of thermophilic and acidophilic Archaea have been found capable of pollutant degradation.
On the other hand, positive VIA patients present a dense, acidophilic, well-defined whitish color near or within the SJZ [12-14].
This technique is cross-fused with the preparation of medicinal realgar and uses natural acidophilic microorganisms to perform bioleaching [2].
The hepatocyte shows dropout of hepatocytes and acidophilic bodies predominantly involving centrilobular areas with intracanalicular and intrahepatic cholestasis.
Most of the yellowish tissue inside the tumor and around the interpubic disc consisted of denatured acidophilic and ineffective tissues, with poor cellular components, as well as cartilage tissues identified using S100 protein immunohistochemistry.
The tumor cells are uniform and cuboidal with a moderately abundant acidophilic cytoplasm.