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The script, by Aaron Sorkin of The West Wing, fame provides a stream of acidly comic lines The BIG release
"Now everyone knows what it's like to be black!" he says acidly, and suddenly we're in Black Lives Matter again.
A Twitter user commented acidly, "How many pillars does Islam have?
Dovaleh acidly predicts that "there'd be protests and demonstrations and UN votes and editorials in all the European papers, and they'd all be saying, 'Now, wait a minute, why must we harm cancer?
Inside its covers, readers will find no shortage of acidly hilarious accounts of the highs and lows of living life in a big and fabulous body.
Elsewhere on Facebook, Walden Bello ( acidly remarked: 'Best to have the 31st anniversary also serve as interment day.' This sometime congressman resigned in disgust as an Aquino ally, then Speaker Feliciano Belmonte, temporized on addressing renewed corruption in a two-faced Congress.
And a June ( Gawker post acidly revealed the size of Fusion's digital audience.
Greg Archer of the Transport and Environment campaign group acidly observed that: "It seems governments would rather citizens die as a result of diesel exhaust emissions than require carmakers to fit technology typically costing [just] 100 euros" per car.
One scrawled acidly in the margin: "An object lesson here.
And yet, for now, the societies depicted so acidly in "Leviathan" and "A Touch of Sin" continue to look good in the eyes of many people who are disillusioned with Europe's economic stagnation and America's political dysfunction.
Keenly directed by Diana Canterbury, it's an intense, moving, acidly funny exploration of the stormy relationship between three sisters after their mother has recently passed away, an event that has hit Anna Reardon (Julia Palmer) with nervous-breakdown devastation.
But this is no sepia-toned hagiography, for the men occupy an acidly colored landscape at the site of the Bolengo refugee camp, near Lake Kivu in the conflict-ridden DRC.
He dared to describe the chips on offer as "lukewarm and disappointingly tired"; the eaterie's facade was acidly dismissed as "just the kind of eyesore allowed in neighbouring Stirchley".