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Synonyms for acidify

make sour or more sour

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To study the main factors affecting the chemical transformation of Cd in calcareous soil treated with the two P-containing acidify agents, two independent variables (soil pH and the addition level of P in water-soluble form ([P.
96: Treatment 2 used ASS-affected waters to acidify the test water to pH 6.
Bleach doesn't acidify water, but it does kill bacteria.
If you must plant a pin oak in an alkaline enviromnent, acidify the soil before planting.
Others might arise when stomach juices acidify vegetable compounds.
Magnesium is an essential element in the chlorophyll molecule and will help keep leaves green; sulfate will acidify soil pH which, in our part of the world, tends to be too alkaline.
GDL is used in bakery foods as a chemical leavening aid, in dairy and soy as a controlled coagulator and in salads and dressings to acidify without adding sourness.
One way to do this is to acidify the solution to a pH of approximately 2 to precipitate out the biosurfactant, which then can be reused.
Critics of the ocean-disposal idea argue, however, that the added carbon dioxide will acidify the deep ocean and could harm the complex web of animals and microbes there.