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make sour or more sour

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The five subclasses of urinary tract agents are analgesics, antispasmodics, urinary acidifiers, urinary alkalinizers, and urinary germicides.
Effects of supplementing diets with an acidifier on performance parameters and visceral organ weights of broilers.
Several feed additives such as phytogenes, antioxidants, acidifiers, probiotics and prebiotics are being under scrutiny in poultry production to fill the gap left by the feed added antibiotics (Dhama et al.
However, there has been no comparative study regarding the effect of Azolla and multivitamin or acidifier on growth performance, profitability and lipid profiles of broiler chickens.
Feed Acidifiers Market by Type (Propionic Acid, Fumaic Acid, Lactic Acid, Formic Acid, and Others), Livestock (Poultry, Swine, Cattle, Aquatics, and Others), Form, Brand, & by Region - Global Trends & Forecast to 2021
Phosphorus is considered an essential nutrient, but it is increasingly being added to processed foods via additives (anticaking agents to preserve moisture and color) or as a stabilizer, leavening agent, or acidifier.
Phosphorus is considered an essential nutrient but it is increasingly being added to processed foods via additives (anti-caking agents to preserve moisture and color) or as a stabilizer, leavening agent or acidifier.
Acetic ether, as a potential acidifier, was added into the solution of NaAl[O.
UNDERSTANDING YOUR SOIL'S chemistry and fertility is paramount to successful growing, yet most folks tend to skip this step and experiment with a little fertilizer here and a little acidifier there.
In this sense, our country is obliged to limit their annual national emissions of greenhouse acidifier and eutrophication and ozone precursors under 918 Kt values for sulphur dioxide (SO2), 437 Kt for nitrogen oxides (NOx), 523 kt for volatile organic compounds (NMVOC) and 210 Kt for ammonia (NH3).
Glucono delta-lactone (GDL) is a naturally occurring food additive used as a sequestrant, an acidifier, or a curing, pickling or leavening agent.
Additional products acquired expand Kemin's ruminant portfolio as well as enhance its acidifier portfolio.
6) Take time for a cuppa Tea is full of tannic acid and tea leaves make a great compost or soil acidifier.
In pharmaceutical industry, citric acid is used as a stabilizer in various formulations, as a drug component and as a anticoagulant in blood for transfusions and also used as an acidifier in many pharmaceuticals.
In the first assay was used 360 weaned piglets from 21 till 42 days of age, randomly distributed into three treatments: a) control group without acidifier, b) supplemented with microencapsulated acidifier, and c) supplemented with powder acidifier.