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make sour or more sour

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The scientists concentrated additional cottage and acidified Cheddar wheys to WPC 80, without using neutralization, as the controls.
glomerata do not exhibit increased rates of mortality in acidified portions of the estuary; however, in the Hastings and similar estuaries in coastal NSW, areas with high exposure to acid sulfate soil drainage generally have fewer, slower-growing oysters than low-exposure areas (Amaral et al.
Three treatments were applied: i) untreated pig slurry, as a control; ii) slurry adjusted to neutral pH 7.0; and iii) acidified pig slurry adjusted to pH 5.0.
However, when three other laboratories obtained NOD breeders from JAX and bred in their individual facilities, varying effects of transitioning from neutral to acidified drinking water were observed.
Approved recipes for such things as marinated peppers or mushrooms contain oil, but are also acidified with vinegar and lemon juice, making them safe for water bath canning.
Hall and others have studied which marine animals, plants and microbes might be "winners" or "losers" in low pH (acidified) areas around volcanic vents off Sicily and other international sites.
By the end of the experiment, the phytoplankton in the acidified water were calcifying less than a population that hadn't been exposed to such harsh conditions, the researchers report July 8 in Science Advances.
Ocean currents pushed acidified water into coastal areas, making it difficult for baby oysters to use their limited energy to build protective shells.
Ormerod reported honoraria and royalties from ProStrakan and disclosed patents filed on acidified nitrite for treatment of skin infections.
But fish raised in water acidified with carbon dioxide will choose to spend time in the predator-scented water.
Milk separates into curds and whey when it is acidified. The warmer the milk, the less acidic it will need to be to separate.
Glanbia Nutritionals Ireland has been granted United States Patent Number 8,637,102, titled: 'Acidified whey protein compositions and methods for making them.' The patent relates to acidified whey proteins with desirable organoleptic and functional characteristics, including significantly improved flavour, odour, tartness and sweetness compared to conventionally processed acidified whey protein, all whilst providing a required amount of whey protein.
The present work aimed to compare the growth performance of juvenile Nile tilapia reared in acidified polyethylene tanks subjected to two alternative liming blends with the fish performance observed in calcium carbonate limed tanks.
For seven days, White grew a subset of larvae in only ambient seawater; a subset spent their first 12 hours in ambient seawater and then were subjected to more acidic seawater with a pH of 7.4; another subset of larvae grew only in acidified water; and a final subset spent their first 12 hours in acidified seawater and then were switched to ambient water.
One company in particular has been capitalizing on the acidified food markets.