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make sour or more sour

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Of these options, citric acid (usually available where canning jars are sold) is least likely to adversely affect flavor, although in all cases the acidified tomatoes, and any dish made with them, will be quite puckery.
In acidified water, you tend to lose a lot of the hard, calcifying species like the corals that build reefs.
Populations grown from this cell lived in containers of acidified seawater about the size of soda cans.
Research already points to the unnatural behaviour of coral clownfish in an acidified environment.
Disclosures: Five coauthors reported royalties from manufacturer ProStrakan; two held patents on acidified nitrate in skin infections.
2]) on the artificially acidified fish culture water have significantly affected most water quality indicators monitored in the present work (Table 1).
Across the board, "any exposure to the acidified seawater consistently decreased survival," White said.
How reducing sugar and using Steviva Blend can help in acidified food production
From shipping lanes in an acidified, ice-free Arctic to an ice age's threat to mankind, these are a few of the events likely to befall human civilization in the next 100,000 years that will be affected by modern-day choices.
Two sets of inoculated samples were treated with water, chlorine (200 mg per L) and acidified sodium chlorite (200 mg per L).
The fermented-dried vegetables were prepared in comparative trials with control and acidified samples as follows: Procurement and preparation of the raw materials were similar to those carried out during the determination of optimal levels of salt and sugar for fermentation.
The US claims the EU is breaking its WTO free trade obligations by blocking imports of poultry carcasses treated with chlorine dioxide, acidified sodium chlorite, trisodium phosphate and peroxyacids.
In the second, third and fourth days, the water of the aquaria designed to acidified or limed treatments was replaced by acidified or limed water at 1/3, 2/3 and 3/3, respectively.