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someone who takes LSD

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Griggs, like so many acidheads in the mid-'60s, looked up to the professor, and he visited him at his upstate New York Millbrook estate in 1966.
But the legend of the Brotherhood still has a tenacious hold on the world of acidheads, such that tracing the group's influence is tricky--every "cool" dealer of the period tried to claim its legacy.
This is true, but the fact that he lumps the resulting mixture under the "New Left" header, privileging the politicos over the acidheads, affects his narrative in a number of unfortunate ways.
Loaded: A bunch of young British acidheads decide to make a horror movie.
Their contribution to that show was a pandemonium of ear-cracking sound, seizure-inducing films, and bewigged mannequins sheathed in the collective's trademark knit Afghans, which look like they were produced by a team of Taylorist acidheads with industrial looms.