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a blood disorder characterized by an increased concentration of hydrogen ions in the blood (which falls below 7 on the pH scale)

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The patient had received mechanical ventilation assistance for the first 3 days; no clinical and biochemical sign of acidemia and hypoxemia remained during this period.
Isolated Methylmalonic Acidemia. America: National Center for Biotechnology Information; 2016.
The second child of Indian expats Iftekhar Esmail and Asma, Ilham has not had solid food since her seventh month when she was diagnosed with glutaric acidemia type 1 while in their home state of Gujarat.
To know more about Fetal and Neonatal Heart Monitor Market Trends, Check the link - Fetal and Neonatal Heart Monitors that Detect Metabolic Disorders an Opportunity for Market Participants The report finds that market participants have an opportunity of developing fetal and neonatal heart monitors that can diagnose heart rate patterns occurring due to metabolic disorders, such as fetal metabolic acidemia. The fetal and neonatal heart monitors available in the market are not completely successful in detecting metabolic disorders, with many instances going undetected.
After excluding patients with non-significant peaks of methylmalonic acidemia, 41(2.31%) were included in the final analysis.
This case is notable for the patient's extreme acidemia, one of the lowest recorded in the literature for a type 2 diabetic who survived to hospital discharge.
Propionic acidemia as a cause of adult-onset dilated cardiomyopathy.
Amelia-Jo was given tests and diagnosed with the rare genetic disorder glutaric acidemia type I, which is a shortage of enzymes needed to break down amino acids in proteins we eat.
In respect to the results of the metabolic tests, genetic testing with Next Generation Sequencing (Miseq-Illumina) for the IVD gene was performed using genomic DNA which was isolated from his peripheral leukocytes due to a suspicion of isovaleric acidemia (IVA).
An arterial blood gas [ABG] revealed profound metabolic acidemia (Table 2).
There are no reports of use of the whole liver donor graft from the patient with propionic acidemia (PA).
Postoperative monitoring of vital signs indicated that the patient was going into shock with respiratory failure and acidemia progression due to anuria despite administration of an inotropic agent and high-volume infusion of colloidal fluid.
Given the rarity of category III tracings ("abnormal"), it is likely that category II tracings ("indeterminate") account for most of the cesarean deliveries performed out of concern for fetal acidemia (Obstet Gynecol.