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not easily decolorized by acid solutions

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There is also a new manual available which contains engineered solutions for tank linings, concrete protection, protection for steel in severe chemical service and chemical proof systems such as acid brick mortar, polymer concretes and acid-proof gunite.
For ferric chloride (among the most corrosive chemicals used in water purification) the tank may be lined with acid-proof brick, laid in acid-proof cement.
Williamson has developed an acid-proof, Caramelized Sugar Flavour in response to consumer demand for natural products and processor demand for clean labelling.
The beam is a box-like structure constructed from acid-proof steel whose surface is electro-polished to a surface quality of radius < 0.8 [micro]m.
Examples of some of the products include Structural Grade No.54 SG, a castable potassium silicate acid-proof concrete providing temperature resistance to 760[degrees]C.
and are all available with stackable lids, plus other optional features including bung hole/plug and container acid-proof drainage tap and ball valve for specified containers.
Made from acid-proof stainless steel, the new DGR-I medium pressure submersible pump bears all the hallmarks of the outstanding reputation that Landia has gained from its 70-years-plus pump experience.