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not easily decolorized by acid solutions

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Delivery was planned at 39 weeks, and the patient gave birth to a healthy girl who was immediately separated from her mother because of the acid-fast bacilli in her mother's sputum.
Few studies have tried to correlate the cytological finding with microbiological results for the presence of acid-fast bacilli in smears and culture for Mycobacteria.
In this case, systemic corticosteroids were prescribed for 8 weeks and gradually tapered because serum calcium levels had normalized and acid-fast bacilli smear of sputum tested positive.
Five cases presented with epithelioid granuloma with caseous necrosis with or without positive acid-fast stain; four cases presented with epithelioid granuloma with positive acid-fast stain; two cases presented with chronic inflammation with positive acid-fast stain; 19 cases presented with epithelioid granuloma without positive acid-fast stain; 44 cases presented with chronic inflammation.
To confirm the presence of acid-fast bacteria, tissue sections were stained using multiple commercially available acid-fast stains (Fite's Stain Kit, American Master Tech Scientific Laboratory Supplies, Lodi, California; Kinyoun's Stain, Gibson Labs, Lexington, Kentucky; Ziehl-Neelsen Stain, Gibson Labs, Lexington, Kentucky).
However, the density of acid-fast bacilli in nerves is often a logarithm higher than in the nearby skin.
In the meantime, skin biopsy reported positive for acid-fast bacilli following which immediately multidrug therapy for leprosy comprising of dapsone (100 mg), rifampicin (600 mg stat), and clofazimine (300 mg nightly) along with steroids (40 mg od) and thalidomide (300 mg nightly) was started.
When compared with the results of two or three serial fluorescent-stained acid-fast sputum smears, a single Xpert MTB/RIF Assay result detected approximately 97% of patients who were acid-fast bacilli (AFB) smear-positive and culture-confirmed as infected with Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex (MTBC), and two serial Xpert MTB/RIF Assay results detected 100% of AFB smear--positive/MTBC culture-positive patients.
Slit-skin smear from the earlobe did not reveal acid-fast bacilli.
belong to a diverse group of bacteria known as aerobic actinomycetes, characterized as being Gram-positive rods with partially acid-fast, non-motile, filamentous branches; other properties include being catalase-positive and methenamine silver-positive.
The bacterial tissue cultures, blood cultures, acid-fast bacilli smears and cultures on tissue failed to demonstrate any pathogenic organisms.
3) In 1953, Moore and Frerichs (4) recovered a novel acid-fast bacillus from a knee abscess and subsequently named it M abscessus; and in 1972, Stanford et al (5) published their findings regarding an RGM isolate from postinjection abscess outbreaks.
Cryptosporidium oocysts exhibit acid-fast staining and must be differentiated from partially acid-fast organisms including Cyclospora cayetanensis [2].
The tissue samples were inspected for the presence of Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis (MAP) by means of acid-fast staining and gross/histopathological examination.