acid-base balance

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(physiology) the normal equilibrium between acids and alkalis in the body

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The correlation between dietary cation-anion difference and acid-base balance of body fluid in dairy cow.
Effect of dietary sodium bicarbonate and potassium chloride supplementation on acid-base balance, plasma electrolytes andaldosterone hormone of golden montazah hens under hot climate condition.
1 - analyzer of acid-base balance parameters - 1 piece.
It is recommended to treat dRTA with potassium citrate, which is an effective treatment for both the symptoms and complications of dRTA by restoring acid-base balance.
1] Anaerobic Threshold (4mM), and Stegmann's Individual Anaerobic Threshold (IAT) models are valid and precise markers to maintain acid-base balance and metabolic steady-state during a non-stop 1-hr exercise.
Laboratory factors associated with fatality were: leukocytosis with marked shift to the left; very high serum urea and creatinine levels; low levels of fibrinogen and prolongation of thrombin time; and serious acid-base balance disturbance.
A blood base excess value near zero is desirable, as it indicates conservation of the acid-base balance required for optimal performance [1].
Although the acid-base balance of our blood is constant, the pH inside our cells has a somewhat broader range, from slightly acidic to slightly alkaline.
Venous blood gas analysis reflects the acid-base balance at a cellular level, whereas arterial blood gas analysis provides information about ventilation, tissue perfusion, and the efficiency of respiratory gas exchange in the lungs.
The disorders of acid-base balance can be found in as many as nine out of every 10 patients in intensive care unit.
The acid-base balance, or acidity/alkalinity balance, is a critical factor in the health and functioning of the body.
In order to maintain the acid-base balance in extracellular fluid, changes are compensated by:
From the research conducted (Dragnea, Cordun Teodorescu-Mate, 1990, quoted by Dragnea, Teodorescu-Mate, 2002) on a team of water polo players at the prepubertal age and the early stage of puberty, it has been found that the acid-base balance undergoes unessential changes (within normal limits) after heavy efforts.
Topics covered include amino acid and protein metabolism, nucleic acid, lipid and carbohydrate metabolism, vitamins and trace elements, starvation and exercise, and acid-base balance.
They act as a fuel source, replacing the water lost during perspiration and maintaining the acid-base balance in the body during intense physical exercise.