acid-base balance

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(physiology) the normal equilibrium between acids and alkalis in the body

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The acid-alkaline regulation systems are interrelated and work together to prevent acute or chronic changes in the body's acid-base balance.
marinus infection on acid-base balance is likely a function of disease intensity, and at lower infection levels, as is typical in the upper Chesapeake Bay, there does not appear to be an effect in either C.
2] and acid-base balance can have a severe impact on a patient.
Acid-Base Balance, Biochemistry of Human, 47 Ankara.
However, adequate nutritional intake and an optimal dietary acid-base balance are also very important elements of any strategy to preserve muscle mass and strength during ageing," said Professor Jean-Philippe Bonjour, co-author and Professor of Medicine at the Service of Bone Diseases, University of Geneva.
After one week of treatment the symptoms resolved along with normalisation of the serum electrolytes and the blood acid-base balance.
The acid-base balance, known as the_ pH balance, can change quickly resulting in an adverse affect on the motility and health of the microbes and the amount of fermentation taking place.
To use some examples, if a person is cooled from 37[degrees]C to 25[degrees]C, starting with normal acid-base balance, the pH will change from 7.
By the time 15 minutes has gone by, the patient is in the metabolic phase, when the body's acid-base balance has dropped from the normal pH of 7.
The 21 chapters presented by the authors (of Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh and the Western General Hospital in Edinburgh, Scotland) first cover requesting and interpreting tests; disturbances of water, sodium, and potassium balance; and acid-base balance and oxygen transport and are thereafter organized by disease category, with the exception of the two final chapters on therapeutic drug monitoring and chemical toxicology and clinical biochemistry in pediatrics and geriatrics.
Before the time trials the swimmers performed a specific warm-up, which also allowed to maintain the acid-base balance at an appropriate level by stimulating the buffering capacity (Beedle et al.
Blood and urine have been collected from transition cows to analyse their acid-base balance (a major cause of MF), their macromineral excretion and their energy status pre-calving - a major contributor to fat mobilisation pre and post calving.
It can leach from plastic when it is heated or there is a change in acid-base balance.
This changes the body's acid-base balance and promotes ventilation by increasing the depth of breathing.
Notably, significant differences in acid-base balance and electrolyte concentrations were evident between patients with hyperparathyroidism and patients with cancer.