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(chemistry) the amount of free acid present in fat as measured by the milligrams of potassium hydroxide needed to neutralize it

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Soon, in other work, we used triethylammonium hydrogen sulfate based IL as the pre-catalyst in the first stage, in which the acid value of crude palm oil was reduced from 6.98 to 1.24 mg KOH/g of oil followed by the use of alkali-catalyzed transesterification in the second stage [19].
Oleochemical parameters (X [+ or -] SD *) Peroxide value (meq [kg.sup.-1]) 5.65 [+ or -] 0.04 Acid value (mg [KOH.sup.-1] [g.sup.-1]) 0.09 [+ or -] 0.00 Saponification value (mg [KOH.sup.-1] 192.80 [+ or -] 0.10 [g.sup.-1]) Iodine value (g [I.sup.2] 100 [g.sup.-1]) 62.80 [+ or -] 0.30 Refractive index (40[degrees]C) 1.468 [+ or -] 0.001 Melting point ([degrees]C) 43.90 [+ or -] 0.10 * X mean of values found; SD * standard deviation.
Conclusion: The waste frying oil resulting from exposure to moisture and oxygen at high temperatures developed high free fatty acids (Acid value ;8.98 mg KOH/ g oil) and peroxide values (29.7 mEq/Kg oil).
Particular Diesel Rice Bran Oil Density 731 914 @32 [degrees]C (Kg/[m.sup.3]) Acid Value mg -- 1.178 (KOH/lit) FFA (%) -- 0.589 Kinematic Viscosity 4.1 43.16 @32 [degrees]C (cSt) Viscosity 2.99 39.44 (Ns/m2) Flash Point ([degrees]C) 74 -- Fire Point ([degrees]C) 79 -- Particular Rice Bran Oil Method of Test Bio Diesel Density 875 Specific @32 [degrees]C Gravity Bottle (Kg/[m.sup.3]) Acid Value mg 0.448 IS:548-1964 (KOH/lit) FFA (%) 0.224 IS:548-1964 Kinematic Viscosity 5.81 Redwood Viscometer @32 [degrees]C (cSt) for Bio Diesel, Saybolt for Oil Viscosity 5.08 (Ns/m2) Flash Point ([degrees]C) 176 Pensky Martin Apparatus Fire Point ([degrees]C) 183 Pensky Martin Apparatus
The analysis of [F.sub.4] half-seeds from [F.sub.3] plants derived from selected [F.sub.3] half-seeds with a putative genotype Es1Es1es2es2 showed a stearic acid range between 79 g [kg.sup.-1] and 124 g [kg.sup.-1], with an average stearic acid value of 98 g [kg.sup.-1] (Fig.
Once again, these should be low acid value resins with excellent solubility parameters.
The A-C 300 series of high-density oxidized PE includes an old product, A-C 316, and newer A-C 307 with lower acid value and higher viscosity.
The samples were subjected to storage tests, including determination of total polyphenols by the Follin-Ciocalteu method [21], 2,2-diphenyl-1-picrylhydrazyl (DPPH) radical binding power [22], antioxidant activity by the [ABTS.sup.*+] method [23], the ferric reducing antioxidant power of the extracts (FRAP) [24], and determination of acid value (AV) and peroxide value (PV).
The report covers exhaustive analysis on: Glyoxylic acid Market Segments Glyoxylic acid Market Dynamics Glyoxylic acid Market Size Glyoxylic acid Supply & Demand Glyoxylic acid Current Trends/Issues/Challenges Glyoxylic acid Competition & Companies involved Glyoxylic acid Value Chain Regional analysis includes: North America (U.S., Canada) Latin America (Mexico, Brazil) Western Europe (Germany, Italy, France, U.K, Spain) Eastern Europe (Poland, Russia) Asia Pacific (China, India, ASEAN, Australia & New Zealand) Japan Middle East and Africa (GCC Countries, S.
The physicochemical properties such as specific gravity, refractive index, free fatty acids, acid value, iodine value, peroxide value, and saponification number of Jatropha oil were made following standard methods of AOCS (AOCS, 1997).
The oil had 0.387+-0.043, 2.907+-0.197, 118.8+-2.997 and 188.83+-1.678 acid value, peroxide value, iodine value and saponification value, respectively.
Physico-chemical Characterization of the Extracted oils was obtained by using standard methods, such as color, odor, pH, density, specific gravity, acid value, Peroxide Value and Saponification value.