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(chemistry) the amount of free acid present in fat as measured by the milligrams of potassium hydroxide needed to neutralize it

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When the reaction time increased to 5 h, the hydrolysis side reaction was slightly increased and this situation was caused a slight increase to acid value of the product.
Acid value, peroxide value and total polar components were determined before and after frying.
These properties include density, viscosity, flash point, cloud point, carbon residue and acid value.
acid value, and Mark-Houwink parameters in THF Polymer % Acid Mark-Houwink Mark-Houwink synthesized Yield value "a" "log K" Theo.
The shea oil acid value obtained in this study is representative of samples from many trees.
This study revealed that the thiobarbituric acid value increased with the increase in storage period of RP, but there was no significant effect of rancidity on the AME values of RP with the passage of storage time.
For example, a conversion of 99%, acid value of 5 mg KOH/g by the reaction of adipic acid (5.
Table 4: Properties of polyester polyols Sample Acid value Hydroxyl value Number average molecular weight ([M.
Then the temperature was held at 180 [degrees] C for 4 h and finally raised to 200 [degrees] C and maintained until the acid value reached about 30 mg KOH/g.
Ester value was obtained by finding the difference between the saponification value and the acid value.
The polyols were characterized by determination of acid value, oxirane number, hydroxyl value, molecular weight (GPC), and FTIR spectra.
5 percent, impurity is less than 1 percent, the Saponification-Number is 92-106mg KOH/g, acid value is less than 9 percent, and Water-solubility hypo acidity is barely traceable or faintly alkali.
They are obtained from compositions comprised of carboxy-functional (meth)acrylic copolymers and/or polyesters, acid value 15-300, and epoxy-functional crosslinking agents dispersed or dissolved in continuous phase as specified, with usual additives, and optionally, polymeric polyols, other crosslinking agents and monoepoxide compounds.
It will be further elaborated by the BASF-YPC its acrylic acid value chain with extra acrylic acid and butyl acrylate plants.