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(chemistry) the amount of free acid present in fat as measured by the milligrams of potassium hydroxide needed to neutralize it

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toxisperma oil acid value obtained in this study is comparable to acid values of oil samples from forest nuts species such as Vitellaria paradoxa C.
The variability observed in acid value, of course, reflects post-harvest conditions to which the fruits were subjected.
Figure 1 illustrated that WC fat had significantly higher acid value (1.
The increase in the sunflower grain storage time increased the acid value of the extracted oil, regardless of the storage conditions and the type of packaging.
The effects of RE and TBHQ on the storage stability of radish seed oil were studied in this paper according to the change of the acid value, peroxide value, tocopherol and sulforaphene and provided theoretical supports for improving the safety of radish seed oil and extending its storage period.
The present results obtained show that, the transesterification process improved the fuel properties of the oil with respect to specific gravity, viscosity, flash point and acid value.
In all the examples mentioned above, low VOC was achieved through chemically or physically modifying the alkyd resin--reducing molecular weight, increasing the acid value and neutralizing, increasing the oil length, or adding a significant amount of surfactant--all of which cause a reduction in overall alkyd performance.
Free fatty acid value and Thiobarbituric acid reactive substances (TBARS) value
Keywords Waterborne, Hyperbranched polymers, Acid value, Anticorrosive coatings
On the other hand, the low acid value and the low peroxide value of the essential oils are indicative of their resistance toward lipolytic hydrolysis and oxidative deterioration.
The reaction was occurred at 240-250[degrees]C and these reactions were allowed to continue until the acid value of the resin was about 5 mg KOH/g.
After the experiment, ion changes in the haemolymph were determined by those that responded to acidic water and were indicative of a correlation between the acid value and [Na.
Analysis: The acid value of the oil was determined by an acid-base tritration technique (modificed ASTM D974, 2006) using a standard solution of KOH 0.