acid test

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a rigorous or crucial appraisal

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It (game against the Hotshots) will be an acid test for all of us.
13 October 2014 - US molecular diagnostics maker Nanosphere Inc (NASDAQ:NSPH) said Monday the US FDA had granted 510(k) approval to its Verigene Enteric Pathogens (EP) nucleic acid test, which now includes additional viral targets.
According to The Telegraph, India is going to be the acid test.
One of the most important advances in the organic acid test is the addition of a biochemical marker, tiglylglycine, as a specific indicator for mitochondrial dysfunction.
The nucleic acid test agents are quite sensitive and can detect the DNA and RNA of various viruses through blood screening.
Acid Test calls to establish more marine protected areas, employ sustainable fishing practices and warns we must emit less C[O.
But the games against Leamington and Chasetown will be the acid test.
Next week will be the acid test, we are playing away from home against a good side and it will be a knockout in a lot of ways," Cockerill said.
Acid Test, the single, is out on September 3 followed by album Watch The Fireworks on the 17th.
a nucleic acid test manufacturer, announced an agreement in which Millipore will market and sell Gen-Probe's Mycoplasma Tissue Culture Non-Isotopic (MTC-NI) test.
Marshalls will lead the second of three Acid Test events organised by Business in the Community.
The movie version of ``Perfume'' will put that proposition to the acid test (in America anyway; it's already grossed nearly $100 million overseas).
The acid test is simply one question: "Absent government interference, would the market support ethanol?
I suppose it will now be the acid test to see how far we have actually come as a team.
As shown in the graph, the BASF/Q-Sun Acid Test demonstrates excellent correlation to Jacksonville.