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a musical style that emerged in the 1960s

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Perhaps the most unusual cover of a rockabilly hit was the Bay Area acid rock band Blue Cheer's reworking of Cochran's hit "Summertime Blues" at the height of the late '60s psychedelic era.
Mostly jazz and progressive jazz, a little fusion, a lot of punk and hardcore, acid rock and freedom rock and roll, pop--good music.
PHOENICS is adapted for modeling of oxygen diffusion and acid rock drainage, especially in waste dump.
McDermott said that the scientists conducted basic research that may have implications someday for acid mine drainage and acid rock drainage remediation efforts.
So if acid rock drainage is one of them, we have to provide a plan, a scientifically proven, scientifically and technically defensible plan for the management of potentially acid generating materials.
According to Spanky, the name "acid house" loosely refers to the beat and sound of acid rock in the late '60s, or at least the mimicking of its DIY aesthetic.
The main environmental issues associated with the industry include greenhouse gas emission, energy consumption, water use and recycling, metal leaching and acid rock drainage (ARD), and the geotechnical stability of large volumes of solid wastes.
TAKEN from their album, The Magic Optician, the guitar-driven album is unashamedly steeped in the Sixties acid rock movement.
Over a year since James Brown strutted his funky stuff in the 1,700-seater hall George and Parliament/Funkadelic will be bringing their combination of acid rock and primal funk to the venue.
Then, eight months ago, John decided to write a book about being a protest band, and a country acid rock 'n' roll band at that.
While most other society members perform traditional music, Baldwin took a delight in playing variations of ``Chopsticks'' - everything from jazz to acid rock - when he played for an audience.
The mixture of acid rock, free jazz, and sampladelia that is at the crux of the "postrock" sound, or whatever comes next, clearly got its start here, and for so many recent bands--Merzbow, Boredoms, Clouddead, Liars, even Radiohead--DAM are the real deal.
The reclamation activities and their effects on the soils and waters are described in more detail by Daniels and Orndorff (2003), presented at the 6th International Acid Rock Conference in Cairns, Australia, in July 2003.
In an earlier band, the Earwigs,he pledged to ``drive a stake through the heart of the Love Generation'' with his twisted brand of acid rock.