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a musical style that emerged in the 1960s

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The technology can improve profitability and performance while recovering metals from pregnant leach solution, bleed streams, recirculation and raffinate, drain-down and acid rock drainage, spent processing solutions, and smelter or refinery blowdown.
The band, sometimes referred to as proto-punk, sometimes as acid rock, shared an arch, acerbic outlook with the Mothers of Invention and the Fugs and recorded three albums from 1967 to 1969.
It was the second collection they produced after being signed by Elektra, the iconic label whose roster ranged from traditional folk to acid rock, and they occupied a unique niche somewhere in the middle, stirring in elements of medieval mummery and Eastern mysticism and employing an arsenal of weird and wonderful instruments to embrace world music long before the term had been coined.
Yet it was the earliest material, the acid rock of Jefferson Airplane's Somebody to Love, White Rabbit and Volunteers, which still sounds most powerful today.
The barbarity of war and its effect on the bodies and minds of those in the trenches continued to reverberate on the silver screen over the years, including: Johnny Got His Gun (1971), the film adaptation of Dalton Trumbow's harrowing look at a mute, quadruple amputee's desperate struggle to die; Pink Floyd: The Wall (1982), the acid rock band's trippy nightmare featuring a war orphan turned rock star who longs for a father who died in the trenches; Legends of the Fall (1994), with Brad Pitt's Tristan haunted by his inability to save his brother from the barbed wire, mustard gas and machine guns; and many more, including Steven Spielberg's equinethemed tear-jerker War Horse (2011).
But there are so many other works of genius: the folk whimsy of Space Oddity and subsequent acid rock of The Man Who Sold The World, where you can hear glam rock being born.
Among the well-documented impacts of mining is acid rock drainage, a chemical chain reaction created when discarded rock and tailings are exposed to air and water.
Perhaps the most unusual cover of a rockabilly hit was the Bay Area acid rock band Blue Cheer's reworking of Cochran's hit "Summertime Blues" at the height of the late '60s psychedelic era.
Mostly jazz and progressive jazz, a little fusion, a lot of punk and hardcore, acid rock and freedom rock and roll, pop--good music.
PHOENICS is adapted for modeling of oxygen diffusion and acid rock drainage, especially in waste dump.
And awfully catchy: McAbee's songs range from a "Rawhide"-like theme tune to swinging '60s acid rock, cowpunk and an acoustic "Pretty Little Lullaby.
McDermott said that the scientists conducted basic research that may have implications someday for acid mine drainage and acid rock drainage remediation efforts.
So if acid rock drainage is one of them, we have to provide a plan, a scientifically proven, scientifically and technically defensible plan for the management of potentially acid generating materials.
According to Spanky, the name "acid house" loosely refers to the beat and sound of acid rock in the late '60s, or at least the mimicking of its DIY aesthetic.