acid rain

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rain containing acids that form in the atmosphere when industrial gas emissions (especially sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides) combine with water

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Acid rain can directly contribute to the acidity of the ground, thus, reduce the potential of beneficial microorganisms in the soil to thrive, and essential soil nutrients to be available, [diminishing] the overall fertility of the affected area,' Cayetano noted.
To study the cost savings associated with the Acid Rain Program, which allowed such trade, the authors model the cost of abatement for individual coal-fired power plants.
Articles on politically charged scientific topics, such as global warming, evolution and acid rain, are prime targets for sabotage, ecologists report August 14 in PLOS ONE.
By then, acid rain and its impacts were better understood, and New York State and the federal government began to pass laws to reverse the damage.
The rainstorm turning into acid rain will add to the woes of Chester's Mill, threatening the life of everyone.
Acid rain caused acidity in 75 per cent of the examined acidic lakes and about 50 per cent of the acidic streams.
The paper cited another health official, Mohammad Alavi, as saying acid rain may have caused symptoms such as shortness of breath among those admitted to hospitals.
It's generally accepted that acid rain harms trees, but the value of our study is that it proves the causal link between the chronic loss of soil calcium caused by decades of acid ram and its impact on tree growth,' said John Battles of UC Berkeley, who led the study.
General information: Rain water is currently monitored in the Member States with regard to the acid rain problem.
I have asked scientists at Cardiff University if a grand recovery from the effects of acid rain is on the way or has nature in its inimitable way developed a strain of fish that can withstand the strains of acid rain.
We know that acid rain is falling on La Loche," explained Bryan Chappell, Chemistry 30 teacher at La Loche Community School.
Acid rain is a severe environmental problem and affects various regions of the world.
Cemeteries make perfect outdoor laboratories for measuring damage caused by acid rain.
Chemicals that helped solve a global environmental crisis in the 1990s - the hole in Earth's protective ozone layer - may be making another problem - acid rain, according to Jeffrey Gaffney, Carrie J.