acid rain

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rain containing acids that form in the atmosphere when industrial gas emissions (especially sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides) combine with water

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Articles on politically charged scientific topics, such as global warming, evolution and acid rain, are prime targets for sabotage, ecologists report August 14 in PLOS ONE.
The rainstorm turning into acid rain will add to the woes of Chester's Mill, threatening the life of everyone.
The paper cited another health official, Mohammad Alavi, as saying acid rain may have caused symptoms such as shortness of breath among those admitted to hospitals.
General information: Rain water is currently monitored in the Member States with regard to the acid rain problem.
I have asked scientists at Cardiff University if a grand recovery from the effects of acid rain is on the way or has nature in its inimitable way developed a strain of fish that can withstand the strains of acid rain.
Where the trees are, we're getting lots of acid rain from the oil sands and we're just trying to see the effects on it, what new elements we find in the tree cores," said Klein.
Scottish chemist Robert Angus Smith coined the term acid rain in his 1872 book Air and Rain: The Beginnings of a Chemical Climatology.
Many people have received the acid rain message over the past several days.
Acid rain is caused by human emissions of sulfur and nitrogen compounds which react in the atmosphere to produce acids.
Washington, Dec 13 (ANI): A new study by researchers at Cardiff University in the UK has determined that climate change is hampering the long-term recovery of rivers from the effects of acid rain, as wet weather counteracts improvements.
CLIMATE change is hampering the long-term recovery of rivers from the effects of acid rain, with wet weather offsetting improvements, according to research published yesterday.
The trail is a living laboratory of protected slices of land that could reflect environmental changes such as higher ozone levels, acid rain, smog, and other air quality indicators.
Since the Ontario government introduced the Countdown Acid Rain program the company has spent close to $1 billion to reduce S02 emission in its Greater Sudbury operations.
Evers says his findings also indicate that acid rain has leached calcium (an essential ingredient in the formation of eggshells) out of the soil.