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This July alone, she and her team rescued 68 California sea lions exhibiting signs of domoic acid poisoning.
Allometric comparison of rodents to sea lions indicates that rat postnatal development corresponds to the final third of gestation of sea lion neurodevelopment, which in turn corresponds to the most common time for domoic acid poisoning of the California sea lion (Ramsdell and Zabka 2008).
It turned out to be domoic acid poisoning, among the first signs of a problem that appeared up and down the Southern California coast, killing scores of animals, including sea lions.
Symptoms of prussic acid poisoning include convulsions, frothing at the mouth, breathing difficulty, and sudden death.
They included investigations into the killer of trainee tutor Charles Tandy, who was run down as he chased a thief outside his Birmingham college, and the murder of Heartlands Hospital doctor Karenina Longe, who died of sulphuric acid poisoning.
Attacks by sea lions on humans are rare and experts believe the animal may have been driven mad by acid poisoning from red algae.
Domoic acid poisoning and mussel-associated intoxication: preliminary investigations into the response of mice and rats to toxic mussel extract.
An outbreak of aflatoxicosis and boric acid poisoning in Malaysia: a clinicopathological study.
The city government initially believed it was just a food poisoning case while the local police announced the day after the incident that the victims apparently suffered cyanic acid poisoning.
More otters die from complications caused by biotoxins and domoic acid poisoning than are returned to the wild.
NEW ORLEANS -- A healthy 4-year-old exhibited symptoms of valproic acid poisoning concurrently with ecchymotic skin lesions, some of which became bullous, Dr.