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any of a group of enzymes that act as a catalyst in the hydrolysis of organic phosphates

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Glycolytic intermediates as substrates of soybean acid phosphatase isoforms.
Acid and alkaline phosphatase activities and their ratios with organic C in the alluvial and landfill soils Soil Phosphatase activity Acid phosphatase code ([micro]g p-nitrophenol/g activity/alkaline oven-dry soil.h at phosphatase activity 37[degrees]C) Acid Alkaline S1 262 344 1.3 S2 396 618 1.6 S3 356 602 1.7 S4 290 592 2.0 S5 272 578 2.1 S6 435 638 1.5 Mean 335 562 2 l.s.d.
Root secreted acid phosphatase kinetics as a physiological marker for phosphorus deficiency.
In 1994, acid phosphatase activity in the vetch with 0 N was higher than in both no cover crop treatments and the wheat with 0 N treatment.
Normality was established on the basis of an interview and biochemical measurements of blood glucose, transaminases, GGT, creatinine, calcium, phosphorus, total proteins, bilirubin, alkaline phosphatase, tartrate-resistant acid phosphatase (TRAP), gonadal hormones, gonadotropins, and a coagulation study.
The acid phosphatase level was elevated at 1300 [micro]kat/L (78 U/L) (normal level [is not greater than] 118 [micro]kat/L; [is not greater than] 7.1 U/L), and the prostatic acid phosphatase was likewise elevated at 1075 [micro]kat/L (64.5 U/L) (normal level [is not greater than] 20 [micro]kat/L; [is not greater than] 1.2 U/L), leading to a presumptive diagnosis of prostatic cancer.
These changes include secretion of acid phosphatase and carboxylates, a decrease in rhizosphere pH, an increase in aerial biomass compared with root, increment of specific root length, increased number of lateral roots and more and longer root hairs (Krasilnikoff et al.
Urease activity was determined by the colorimetric method [33, 34]; acid phosphatase was measured by the phenyl diphenyl phosphate colorimetric method [35, 36]; catalase activity determined by Yan [37]; organic C and available N by Bao [38]; available P was determined by Bray No.
Previous reports demonstrate that purple acid phosphatase from wheat, barley maize and rice also require Fe2+ for their activity (Dionisio et al., 2011).
It is evident from the data presented in table 3 that the activity of acid phosphatase was maximum in the seeds conditioned in P11 whereas maximum activity of alkaline phosphatase was recorded in hydroprimed seeds (P1).
E.histolytica acid phosphatase activity is significantly inhibited by copper suggesting a possible roles in amoebic dysentery (11).