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complex polysaccharides containing an amino group

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In the proximal intestine, the submucous layer consisted of richly vascularized loose connective tissue which stained intensively on AB, shown to be sulfated acid mucopolysaccharides (Figure 5B).
5-Periodic Schiff reactions (AB-PAS), for presence of neutral and acid mucopolysaccharides in the arterial wall; and Elastin von Gieson's (EVG) for morphology of elastic tissue, collagen fibres and smooth muscle throughout the vessel.
Histology showed the presence of prominent balloon cells with acid mucopolysaccharide and lipids in connective tissue.
glacialis, the adhesive secretion is probably a polysaccharide-protein complex, with the main component being an acid mucopolysaccharide positive reaction of NCS cells with alcian blue pH 2.
Histologically, the papillae are characterized by a central, avascular, fibroelastotic stroma surrounded by acid mucopolysaccharide and covered by hyperplastic to focally attenuated endothelial cells.
5, and mucicarmine, suggesting acid mucopolysaccharide content.