acid dye

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dye in which the chromophore is part of a negative ion

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Migliavacca, Low temperature Dyeing of Wool Fabric by Acid Dye After UV Irradiation.
M2 PRESSWIRE-July 31, 2019-: Worldwide Acid Dyes Market Outlook 2019-2023 Featuring Atul, BASF, Clariant International, Huntsman International, and Kiri Industries
Use of activated carbons prepared from sawdust and rice-husk for adsorption of acid dyes: a case study of acid yellow 36.
Adsorption of acid dyes from aqueous solution on a chitosan-cotton composite material prepared by a new pad-dry process.
Caption: Figure 1: The structures of the acid dyes chromatables used.
b, Similar sized block of normal human breast tissue, which has been fixed, cleared, and stained with the nucleic acid dye SYTOX Green (low power).
Kataoka, "Adsorption of acid dye on cross-linked chitosan fibers: equilibria," Chemical Engineering Science, vol.
The application in the decolorization of industrial acid dye, methyl orange, was studied as probe reaction to evaluate its activity.
Industrial monoazo acid dye A07 (CI AO 7; empirical formula [C.sub.16][H.sub.11]Na[0.sub.4]S; molecular weight 328 g/mol; [[lambda].sub.max] 497 nm) was a product with commercial name of anthosin orange.
The market has also been segmented on the basis of product types--dyes (reactive dye, disperse dye, sulfur dye, VAT dye, acid dye, direct dye, basic dye, and others), organic pigments (azo, phthalocyanines blues and greens, and high performance pigments), and inorganic pigments (titanium dioxide, iron oxide, and others).
(2007) studied the adsorption of three acid dyes: Acid Red 97, Acid Orange 61, and Acid Brown 425, with activated charcoal to remove the acid dye from aqueous solutions at room temperature (25[degrees]C).
Titanium dioxide-mediated photocatalytic degradation of acid dye and decolourisation of textile dye waste containing acid dyes have been studied (Kanmani, 2003; Reddy, 2005).
The triple dye mixture is made with a blue acid dye, a red direct dye and a yellow disperse dye (the terms 'acid', 'direct' and 'disperse' will be explained later).