acid dye

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dye in which the chromophore is part of a negative ion

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Titanium dioxide-mediated photocatalytic degradation of acid dye and decolourisation of textile dye waste containing acid dyes have been studied (Kanmani, 2003; Reddy, 2005).
Composite mixtures of reactive dyes, direct dyes, and acid dyes from the textile dyeing and finishing effluents were supplied from two volunteer factories.
The market has also been segmented on the basis of product types - dyes (reactive dye, disperse dye, sulfur dye, VAT dye, acid dye, direct dye, basic dye, and others), organic pigments (azo, phthalocyanines blues and greens, and high performance pigments), and inorganic pigments (titanium dioxide, iron oxide, and others).
It is much easier to apply than acid dye stains, provides more design options and durability than concrete paint or stain, and is more economical than stone, granite, or tile.
Mohawk's SmartStrand(TM) made with DuPont(TM) Sorona(R) polymer is naturally stain resistant because there are no acid dye receptor sites to attract many stains.
This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Textile Dyes in Tons and US$ Thousands by the following Segments: Acid Dyes, Basic Dyes, Direct Dyes, Disperse Dyes, Reactive Dyes, Sulfur Dyes, Vat Dyes, and Other Dyes.
3] mmol/g, which did not differ significantly for basic and acid dyes [16].
Among the topics are hydrotalcites as catalysts and catalyst precursors for synthesizing biodiesel, the adsorption of acid dyes on hydrotalcite-like anionic clays, recent developments in clay-based functional coating for corrosion protection, drug delivery using nano-sized layered double hydroxide, and progress in the one-pot synthesis of methyl isobutyl ketone using catalysts based on multifunctional layered clay.
Decolourization of textile wastewater containing acid dyes in UASB reactor system under mixed anaerobic granular sludge, Electronic Journal of Environmental, Agricultural and Food Chemistry 5(1): 1224-1234.
Dyes that require less rinsing are acid dyes and food-safe dyes.
These desalinated acid dyes are offered as a solution in 1-methoxy-2-propanol for water - and solvent-based systems.
For this reason, large quantities of polyamide fibers are bath-dyed, using special dyes such as acid dyes.
You cannot dye them and if you do you will need acid dyes which are any way harmful so offset hues also become a pre-requisite in India.
Local demand, he added, is strongest for reactive dyes as well as acid dyes.
He has now tested waste orange peel as an absorbent for the removal of four acid dyes from simulated samples of polluted water.