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Synonyms for acicula

a sharp or tapered end

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a needlelike part or structure of a plant or animal or crystal

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Aciculae in anterior parapodia are widened distally, some with a tiny hair-like extension.
Diagnosis: Both the subacicular hooks and aciculae are yellow throughout although in some specimens the aciculae have darkened tips.
2D, E); bearing about 30 crenulated capillaries in anterior abdomen and about 15 in median abdomen, furcated chaetae not seen; prechaetal lobe supported by one or two slightly sigmoid and protruding aciculae. Interramal cirri present on anterior-most abdominal chaetigers (Fig.
It is characterized by its thoracic chaetiger number, branchiae, uncini, and bilobed abdominal neuropodia with protruding aciculae. To date, seven Naineris species have been recorded from the Pacific Ocean: N.
All specimens have bifid neurosetae, yellow aciculae, three smooth antennae and smooth dorsal cirri, which fits with P.
2e); the female has smooth dorsal cirri (without crenulations), twice as long as the ventral cirri; with two aciculae (Fig.
Three aciculae in each anterior parapodia decreasing progressively to only one in posterior ones, anterior aciculae straight and provided with acute tip, midbody parapodia each with one straight acicula and another with oblique tip; posterior aciculae with curved tip.